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[Photo+Video] Eric周興哲 《學著愛》之馬來西亞行- 關於生活與愛情 #Eric周興哲

Eric Chou 周興哲 《學著愛》之馬來西亞行 #Eric周興哲 當天在Puchong Setiawalk “LoudSpeaker大嘴叭”舉辦的 Eric周興哲媒體記者會 ,除了有 MYFM Jym Chong 庄靖毅 的訪問,Eric也有演唱幾首《學著愛》專輯裡的歌曲,包括一首Sam Smith的cover - “StayWithMe”。 Eric周興哲除了長得像來至星星的你的韓星,本身就有一個很好的嗓子。才剛過20歲的“小鮮肉”是大馬女性青睞的新歌手。除此之外,也有多至19位內外地歌手為Eric學著愛的專輯大力支持。以下是記者會當天的訪問片段,當然也少不了Eric Chou當天自彈自唱悅耳動聽的歌曲。 Eric周興哲我很看好你的將來,接下來就在MYFM THE SHOW見面吧!!

Nicole 赖淞凤《我值得快樂》EP首賣會 - 照片影片焦点分享

Nicole 赖淞凤《我值得快樂》EP首賣會 - 焦点分享 Nicole 赖淞凤 是一位我非常欣赏的音乐人。有了她对音乐的坚持,与EP出版商+赞助的支持,才会有今天的《我值得快樂》新EP。当天除了有Nicole粉丝的支持,也看到Geraldine的红粉。只有像她保持谦虚,然后继续加油的人才会走得更远。我在这恭喜你啦~~ 当天活动在户外,没冷气空调也没遮阳,所以如果不用闪光灯拍,Nicole和其他友人的五官将会有很暗的影子影响美观咯。看下面的照片有哪张是你们喜欢的,让我(或Nicole)知道好吗?? Nicole 赖淞凤《我值得快樂》EP首賣會 - 焦点分享

Christmas Time Is Here

Christmas Time Is Here - Daniela Andrade ft her cute dog Do you know Daniela Andrade ?? I fall in love with her voice ever since I heard her singing on YouTube. I know she is definitely coming up with something great this Christmas and here it is. She had a music showcase in Singapore recently and I hope her fan base is strong enough so organizer will bring her to Malaysia soon =) And I hope I will able to be the official photographer for her music that time *dream big* Christmas Time Is Here - Daniela Andrade ft. Cutest Dog in the Galaxy I don't know bout you but I like the festive season of Christmas although I am not a Christian. *Probably because I like the idea of receiving gift and present from friends or someone that wanna give a surprise* I've always imagine myself to be at the place where snow  falling from the sky and Daniela's song playing in the background. That would be lovely moment to hang out with love one together too.

Jason Chen & Clara C Live In Kuala Lumpur @ Bentley Music Auditorium [28 July]

Jason Chen + Clara C Live In Kuala Lumpur 28 July 2013, 9PM Bentley Music Auditorium Jason Chen and Clara C are the first few talented musician that I know through YouTube, and I am glad I did. Here's a good news to share with you guys as Jason Chen and Clara C is coming to Malaysia and performing together at Bentley Music Auditorium this coming 28 July!! Now I wonder what would be the chemistry between Jason Chen and Clara C performing at one same place =) Hopefully I will be free to attend and capture some of the precious moments during the event. If you still not sure who is Jason Chen and Clara C, jsut listen to their music below: Just Give Me A Reason - P!nk ft. Nate Ruess (Jason Chen x Megan Nicole Cover)  Clara C - Offbeat Jason Chen and Clara C Live in Kuala Lumpur Date : 28 July 2013 Time : 9.00pm Venue : Bentley Music Auditorium Prices : RM 248 (Platinum – Free Seating) | RM198 (Gold – Free Seating) | RM98 (Silver – Free Standing) For more info

Bruno Mars Unorthodox Jukebox Flashmob with Ape @ KL Pavilion [Malaysia]

Pavilion KL Christmas Decoration 2012 On a Selangor public holiday, I went to Pavilion KL to check out their new Christmas Decoration 2012 and I was waiting for the surprise that Warner Music Malaysia did to celebrate the release of Bruno Mars sophomore album ‘Unorthodox Jukebox’ .  First, I saw  Ape was walking around the crowd at the main entrance of Pavilion KL. Whoever challenged the Ape to follow his monkey dance will win himself the brand new 'Unorthodox Jukebox' CD Album!! The public were amused by the Ape antics,entertained with Bruno Mars music from the mini boom box and curious by the ‘SCAN ME’ t-shirt. Gangnam style with the Ape and crews Yes  he won himself the brand new Bruno Mars album =) The friendly Ape waiting for more Burno fans to challenge him with the dance!   Ape can't resist dancing with the Sexy Young Girl haha Photo opportunity with Bruno's Ape The album cover of Bruno Mars latest album come

Eason Chan 陳奕迅 《3mm》 吹歌会 Showcase LIVE in TARC, Malaysia [Photos & Videos]

 Eason Chan 陳奕迅  《3mm》 吹歌会 Showcase LIVE in TARC [Malaysia] It was the night where tons of fans all gathered at College Tunku Abdul Rahman, Setapak for Eason Chan 陳奕迅   《3mm》 吹歌会 Showcase LIVE in TARC.  It has been so long since I last time drop by TARC for their swimming pool while studying at UTAR, Setapak . Many things has changed but you can still see tons of youngsters in the college (of course!) Rainy day never stop Eason's fans to come and see him. I bet most are KTAR students? =) Audience rushing through the entrance Interview by 8TV Full house: Spot the little girl waving to me =) MYFM Royce the emcee of the night Eason Chan 《3mm》 Album held high in the air. I was expecting to have spotlights shining around but the hall is fully litted... Normal dancing - Much improvement needed =) A duet where the girl's voice sounds better Happy fans want to be the chosen one to go up on stage with Eason