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TC Recap: June 2009

Let see, June of 2009is a month of me having some contest, lucky to get the rewards, attend few more events [ruumz and Nuffnang], visited new night clubs [Sanctuary, The Loft Upstair, HQNine]. Definitely a happening and fruitful month! Most Wanted Ruumates @ GreenPacket RoofTop The moment I meet most of the contestant =) Went to Henessy Artistry @ The Loft Upstair and first met with Caprice and Amirah Picture with Caprice and Starz Angel . For more picture Click HERE Participated in Nuffnang KFC Flavaroast Contest with Nicole , Xeroz and Ange Which eventually become our first time won cash prize with great team works =) Thank you guys for the votes! Went to Nuffnang Tiger Stand Out Party . Yes I brought my tiger along which made by my sister-DearBear3 =D And had a panty hose fight with KennySia. I still remember the greasy feel =.= Have little gathering with UTAR friends at Boston Mont Kiara Check out their decoration and ambient. Click HERE Used my creativity and patient to