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Team Building @ Awana Genting Highlands + Rajawali Coffee House

[Next Post: The Mix @ Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie. MSS2011 Party with Liveband! ] After the morning jungle trekking @ Awana Genting Highlands, we then went back to Awana Genting Long House and Pasar Ikan Bakar to have our breakfast. This is a group photo from Feeq 's camera. Thank Dian and Fairuz who always take group photo for us MSS bloggers! =) After breakfast, we went to the big field for 'Tear of the Sun' Challenge. This is actually one of the available Team Building activities at Awana Genting Highlands. " Tear of the Sun (Outdoor) is a multifunctional activity offering any teams a proactive opportunity on basic and advanced teammbuilding techniques. A mission-oriented environment is created which requires teams to challenge themselves to improve their performance till the overall objective is achieved." Genting Highlands hidden behind the trees. I am glad that Malaysia have so many nice places that are close to nature like Awana Genting Highla