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IMAX Theatre @ TGV Sunway Pyramid Launched! Awesome Pawsome!

Yellow Guys! Have you been to the brand new IMAX Theatre @ TGV Sunway Pyramid ? Thanks to TGVCinema I was one of the first to experience the awesomeness of IMAX technology with the awesome movie "Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol" . Was a bit late that day because Samsung new laptop launched at the same day (gonna share in future post) hence missed out the open ceremony earlier. But never mind, at least I watched an awesome movie in an awesome place! Tom Cruise is getting older but never fail to amaze me =) Amelia, Kate, Cynthia and Veronica =) HUGE Screen @ IMAX TGV Sunway Pyramid for best viewing plessure This is the huge IMAX Theatre hall with comfortable seats. I was seating at the side but guess what? The movie screening and sound effects are still crystal clear and no distortion of the movie images too. The 2D effects is crystal clear enough and I hope can watch 3D movie there soon. The movie screen is as large as you seen and the images projected to the screen w