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Prettiest Milky Way in Malaysia (Tioman Island) #TCTravel

Prettiest Milky Way in Malaysia (Tioman Island) #TCTravel  I was writing a phone review for Redmi Note 4 today and noticed that I shall take a break before complete it. Hence came up with this 1 minute video of a random night (not so random) in Tioman Island Malaysia. Many people thought that one can only see the milky way oversea. Little did they know that you can see the milky way as long you are looking at the sky at the right season with no light pollution around you.  I can say I was lucky to spot this milky way in the middle of the night. I put my camera outside for timelapse photography at 12.30am and went back to the room for a nap. A 5 minutes nap turned into a few hours sleep and I suddenly jumped out of the bed around 5am in the morning.