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MARC JACOBS #PATCHMARC - Customize Your Belonging with Exclusive Patches & Pins

Noticed that I am not that active in blogging since I've been busy for photoshoot. While thinking of content to share, I was like 'Why don't I just share some photos taken from the event and make it as a post?' So here it is!! Photos taken during Marc Jacobs #PatchMarc fashion event at Marc Jacobs Suria KLCC outlet .  I was heading to KLCC 1 hour earlier before the event start and thankfully Waze brought me the fastest way. (Be early and use technology to help you reach on time) If you want to avoid the traffic, go to the parking entrance near Traders Hotel as that's the quickest access to parking in KLCC and hotel itself. You will need to walk a bit from the Aquaria KLCC but it is so much better than getting stuck in the traffic waiting for traffic police that hold you for like 15-20 minutes every time they try to ease the traffic going out from the city. I am not sure if you've noticed my style of photography, I like candid photography beca