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4 Good Reasons to Study In UK

Traveled to London during London 2012 Olympic Games Ever since my first trip to London during Olympics, I have fallen very much in love with the city especially during summer. Apart from the four seasons that we don't experience in Malaysia, there are tons more stuff to explore here! Take this for example, during summer you may spot this old man feeding squirrels and birds at the park. I've always wanted to capture these kinds of photographs and that excites me to stay longer in the UK and explore this side of the world. Eventually it also made me consider whether or not I should further my studies in the UK. A Degree/Master's course in Photography I guess? =) Below are some of the good reasons why you should study in UK:   1. The UK offers you an outstanding quality of teaching, and a world-class learning experience Proof a: Over 86% of postgraduate students in the UK stated that the overall experience of their research programme met or exceeded the