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Kyobo Book Store Gwanghwamun 교보문고 광화문점 #TCTravel

Kyobo Book Store Gwanghwamun 교보문고 광화문점  Instead of compiling everything that I did in Korea last week, I would like to share some captured moments that tell the ambiance in this special place -   Kyobo Bookstore @ GwangHwamun Seoul. We went to this book store with Rano, Khulan and Ogia .  I was amazed with what I saw and feel in here.  The reading vibes is pretty strong here consider it is a weekday and night time. Check out the photos below and I can assure you it worth a visit. There's only one problem in this place, 90% of the books are in Korean so we spent most of our time in the International book corner hahaha. For more information about Kyobo Book Store, visit (Korean only).