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KISSATEN Coffee and Restaurant | Jaya One

Before I went to PJ Laugh Festival(PJLA): Caught in the Middle Part IV , we met Simon Seow after park our car and desided to have dinner at KISSATEN Restaurant in Jaya One . The tickets were given by the lovely couple, Timothy Tiah and AudreyOoi =D Okie lets hop directly to the foods: Bittergourd Salad - It actually tasted nice for me because it is not bitter at all, good for health at the same time too! Salmon Steak Set - I like to eat Salmon because it is one of the fish that provide Omega 3 and DHA Vitamins. The Salmon does tasted nice and I would have it again when visit Kissaten. Teppan Wafu Bur Steak - Simon ordered this and I would say this is my first time trying the soft steak which is quit delicious. Thanks for sharing! Kissaten House Sake - Simon ordered this too and I am not good at judging alcohol drink. But Wern said it is nice to drink la. For me the price is a bit expensive la. Here is the menu album prepared by Kissaten themselves: Overal