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Genting Highland & KilKenny [Not KennySia] + Need Support

Sharing a little bit about what I've done today. 7am in the morning went to friend house and we all hang out together heading to Genting Highland . [Yes I am not working now and that's why I don't have Monday Blue *evil*] It is true that Genting is not that cold anymore, no more "mist" coming out from my mouth... Went into Casino and was asked for IC *wink* but didn't gamble as I know I don't really have luck on it. Realized that people can easily lose/win money in just a bet. Just witness a guy loss RM500 in one try. But I haven't seen someone like HuaiBin , who really dare to bid in large amount. Me, PickSan, ChunJin , YanTing and Kelvin *Free advertising for Starbuck summore* Went to the garden and saw some bugs mating in group. Seems like the mating season has arrived. It is really fun to just hanging out with friends and talking about nonsense. It is the moment that we spend together that makes it worth. Feeling really good and must thank ChunJin