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珊瑚海 (Coral Sea) - Jay Chou ft. Lara (@Jasondchen x Sharon Kwan Cover)

Any Jason Chen's music fan here? Since it is weekend I am here to share nice music tonight. Glad that Jason Chen opened a brand new YouTube Channel 'JasonChenAsia' that will showcase Chinese Song Music Cover. JasonChenAsia's first music cover is 珊瑚海 (Coral Sea) - Jay Chou ft. Lara Really like the setup of his studio especially the colourful framed MusicNeverSleep Owl on the table. Seems like purple has become his official color too? All right let's listen to Jason and Sharon's duet.   珊瑚海 (Coral Sea) - Jay Chou ft. Lara (Jason Chen x Sharon Kwan Cover) Jason Chen and Sharon Kwan after finish recording. Noticed that Jason was referring to text/lyrics Jason Chen and Sharon Kwan - Are they perfect match for Chinese Song Music Cover? Check out the talented Sharon Kwan  關詩敏 ! Not forgetting talented Jason Chen 陈以桐 t

LeeHom (你不知道的事) - Jason Chen Cover

Jason Chen 陈以桐 a.k.a. MiniAchilles who has the same surname as mine is a new growing Youtube Singer. As a recent business economics graduate from the University of California at Los Angeles, the southern California resident evolved from producing ear-pleasing acoustic creations into crafting amazing re-imaginings of contemporary hits. From his soulful mash-up interpretation of Eminem ’s “Love the Way You Lie/Not Afraid” , his most excellent pure English cover of Taeyang ’s “Wedding Dress” , and his addictively soothing remix of Nelly ’s “Just a Dream” with fellow YouTube artist Joseph Vincent , it is not surprising that he has a significant following on various online social network sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. Today would like to share his Chinese Song cover of LeeHom's 你不知道的事 [Things you don't know]. 王力宏 LeeHom - 你不知道的事 cover by Jason Chen *His voice somehow sounds a bit similar with LeeHom, luckily his parent got force him to learn Chinese when he