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TIME FM 时光电台 Live On NTV7

TIME FM 时光电台 already on show on NTV7 every Thursday 11.00PM Have you start watching our funny local TV Show? It is funny and cheerful =D TIME FM Press Conference organized at Full House, Sunway Giza Mall. Nicholas 翁书尉 was the emcee Speech by Ms Lai Cheah Yee , Manager of ntv7 Brand Management Group After The Super Match-Makers 媒人帮 here comes another local TV show =) Who are the cast for TIME FM TV appear at the Press Conference that day? At first Adrian 陈凯旋 sang TIME FM Theme Song Adrian 陈凯旋 - [时光点播]官方MV Then all the cast are welcomed to the stage: Adrian 陈凯旋 - 柯俊雄/柯欢 Melvin 谢佳见 - 张家明 Cikgu Cheong Jane 黄明慧 - 黄婉君 杨雁雁 - Lucky姐 (梁和妹) Alvin 王骏 - 华台长 (黄健华) 秦雯彬 - 夏蕾梦 Ken 陈嘉健 - 桂彼得 (油炸桂) 叶清方 - 老智昌 朱健美 - 小妞 Tea Lady All the gossips and funny thing in this video 常青台:《时光电台》爆笑翻转80年代广播界!! "谢佳见确定将暂别小荧幕,接下来将会专心筹备唱片、写真集和准备到台湾发片。之前传出谢佳见将离开栽培他的ntv7的怀抱往外闯,今日在记者会上,视帝谢佳见终于证实暂别­ntv7,《时光电台》是他目前接拍ntv7的最后一部电视剧。 经已签约海螺唱片的谢佳见,今后将把重心投入歌唱事业及往海外发展。对于即将播出的《时光电台》暂别之作,双方没有依依不舍,相反传出导演陈炳丰竟然不满谢佳见在戏中的