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Snowflake Coco Ono @ IOI Boulevard

Have you tried out the Coco Ono @ Snowflake ? Me and my gf tried once at Snowflake IOI Boulevard. This is how our Coco Ono looks like: Besides the Sweet Potato, and their new Okinawan Sweet Potato(purple colour), I don't know why it looks a bit small portion to me. maybe it is because of the mini pearls? You can compare the Coco Ono Snowflake posted it on their Facebook page , they have more pearls!! PS: Seems like Snowflakes limit 5 Taro balls/bowl of ice dessert too. What bout other Ice dessert shop? The main cast has arrive: Gula Melaka Syrup Dressing . Just pour into your bowl of Coco Ono to make it taste sweeter. Overall, it taste moderate as I am quite familiar with Gula Melaka taste. It seems like different branches has different quality too. The first thing I can smell in Snowflake IOI Boulevard is not their sweet syrup but Chlorine smell. Maybe my nose was too sensitive to the smell but I wonder if anyone feel the same way too. However I do like their spot lights in the s

Chatime @ IOI Boulevard Puchong + Cute Marccus

It's been so long I never see Marccus ever since he went back to Penang for work. This time few of us gathered @ Chatime IOI Boulevard for "yumcha" and hanging out. Marccus got himself new dark frame sunglasses and the first question he asked was, "Do I look cuter?" *faint* haha So if you want to know about the environment of Chatime @ IOI Bouevard , I suggest you guys to come anytime but not during night. The drink is okay but the environment is too noisy at night ever since there is a pub/bar opened beside it. suggest you guys to add pearl so you won't finish your drink so fast(at least something to bite) and you can also adjust the amount of sugar you want ya. Say no to diabetics. Random bokeh featuring Marccus' fingernails. Tips for the guy: Girl will prefer a guy who can keep their hand and nails look clean. So don't keep your nails too long just because you wanna dig your nose like Phua Chu Kang. Here's the cute side of Marccus la LOL

UTAR Little Gathering @ Pacific Coffee IOI Boulevard

My first time visit Pacific Coffee Company Puchong IOI Boulevard . The place has changed a lot especially after OverTime and The Library start having business there. It is even harder to find parking now. Luckily the ambient is still very nice when you are inside Pacific Coffee Company. The loud music from The Library won't be able to penetrate through . Therefore it is still a good place to meet up with friends have chit-chat. One thing not so good is they close the shop quite early, 11PM will be their last order and air conditioner will be switched off. That's the way they tell the customer to leave . But still, nice to meet everyone today. HuiSan, PickSan, ChunJin, Nicole, BoonThiam and the boss YeeKai. The gathering is a lot happier with YeeKai's joke lol. Hope everyone keep on fighting for their dream~! Good to have you guys as friends =D Time for me to sleep now as tomorrow will have another video shooting session early in the morning~! If you don't want to ge

Skin11 @ IOI Boulevard Puchong

Remember I share something on Twitter about getting FREE Facial Treatment? No? Follow me on Twitter now ~! What is this Skin11 promo about? Skin11 is celebrating their 2nd Anniversary and would like to give people FREE* Facial treatment worth RM229 . So as a curious cat I registered and got the phone call few days after and appointment for facial was today morning. Yes I am eager to share it asap on my blog after the treatment (scare I forget ar). *Exclusively for new customer aged 21 and above . Limited to 100 pax. Saw this Nuffnang's Skin11 ads on FourFeetNine's blog 1 weeks ago and it still appear today, means the promo is still on! Click HERE to proceed to the Free Facial page =) First, you are asked to register again for customer data base. Then you will be brought to a room for skin analysis. Since I always sleep very late I know how bad is my skin conditions. Through the verbal consultation Jess , the dermatologist of Skin11 decided the treatment for my skin. Here