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My First TV Interview with Bella Mars ntv7

#TCSelfie with Belinda Chee and SonaOne @ Bella ntv7 Studio So there was this one day Lily, the producer of Bella ntv7 sent me an invitation to talk about blogging and find out what male bloggers blog about on Bella Mars Episode.  I was hesitate at first because worry that I will be very nervous and look silly in the TV. But yeah this TV interview opportunity doesn't come everyday (and this will be my first time on TV), so I've decided to go for it and appear wider on the TV hahaha.  After knowing other male online writers who will be attending together ( Niki Cheong, Brian See and Max Law ), I feel relief because I know them in person. I didn't know who will be the host for Bella until the day we got on the TV. It was Belinda Chee , the host I know since 8TV Quickies and it was a pleasure to be on the broadcast channel together. Time does really fly and Belinda has became a mom of a cute daughter and yet still looks slim fit.

Media Prima Nite Live @ KLCC [Sneak Peek]

Attended Media Prima Nite Live 2011 Screening @ KLCC and it is a grand event co-organize together with TV3, NTV7, 8TV, and TV9 channels. Well before that met HongKong TVB Kenneth Ma and Joyce Tang in a press conference and almost missed it because lacking of parking at KLCC. Nevertheless I was blessed to find a RM5 open air carpark and didn't rain when I go and get my car. So back to Media Prima Nite Live 2011 . Saw some local artists and celebrities attended this event screening and below are just some of the photos for sneak peek. Local Chinese Artist: Lawrence 王冠逸, Gary Yap 叶俊岑,Rickman Chia & Wind 李诗斌 Hottest guy: Henry Golding and Hansen Lee The yellow stick in Hansen lee mouth is actually a lollipop ar Ahmad Izham Omar was funny and cheerful during emcee the show Always say no budget and that recycle last year joke is free "Why? Cannot" haha There was a Twitter contest where you can win 42" LCD TV and also iPad 2 . They are all good prizes but I wonder

X Top Model Search Finale @ Sunway Pyramid: Part 2

Continue from X Top Model Search Finale @ Sunway Pyramid [Part 1] . I am now revealing the catwalk photos of X Top Models with the black sexy dress and elegant dress with/without the "blinky". I got one question: The black dress do look good but does the fabric makes you feel the heat? Because a good looking dress must be comfortable to be wear on too~ WaiYee Yen WaiYee Yen Norraine Chung SimHui Aw SimHui Aw featuring the V-back dress Fancy Goh Grace Chew Ieqa Natasha Kim Low Josephine Tan Benjamin Toong from Amber Chia Academy, taught the X Top models the right way to do catwalk Jimmy Wong who designed the elegant dresses One of the photo I like in their photoshoot- Phoebe How Now is the last and final set of dresses that the X Top Models will showcase. I don't really understand the gravity defying pose because of the twisting and almost fall pose =S Maybe it is to grab our attention? But I do like how some of the models swing/flip their dress and created the waves =