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HOT FM Facebook Page Was Hacked or ?

Are you an avid listener of Malaysia HOT FM ? It seems like HOT FM Facebook Page was hacked by some so called "I'm Not Hacker... I'm Security Professional..." dude call Jack -=[Rilekscrew]=- Below are some of the wallpost that was posted by the hackers of Hot FM: "ANDA TELAH TERKENA FB HANGIT DARI KAMI RileksCrew+H3x4 Crew+Newbie3vilc063s+Ha¢kin | Cr³w...." With almost 800k of Hot FM facebook fans it seems like the security is not strong enough to prevent people hacking the FB page. RileksCrew seems like one of the IT guy that wanna show off their skill in hacking the page. What's the reason your Facebook Page was hacked easily? Easy-To-Guess-Password. Maybe HotFM Facebook has an easy to guess password like "HotFMMY"? You have multiple admins on the Facebook Page. It is good to have multiple admin for a page if you need quick response to the fans, but it also means that the more people have access to it the easier the page could be hacked. Yo