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HTC One Max Review & Price in Malaysia - It's really HUGE!

First Impression on HTC One Max When I first got the HTC One Max, it looks quite huge and even larger than Samsung GALAXY Note 3. It retains the smart, sleek and curvy design of HTC One just that it is larger in size and has the new Fingerprint sensor device right at the back as a new way to unlock your phone/camera. I've been using HTC One Max for quite sometime and there are things that I like and dislike. The main attraction of HTC One Max is none other than its big screen and dual-stereo speakers with built in amplifier at the side. I personally think that HOM (HTC One Max) is very suitable for entertainment purposes especially if you like to watch a lot of YouTube Videos, Online TV Drama and of course gaming too. I always love playing Clash of Clans using it . HTC One Max Review and Price in Malaysia If you've wonder if HTC One Max is good enough for you, scroll down and read more on my personal review: