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New Google Image killed Photo Story Tellers...What now?

Spot that little sparkle that make this photo looks awesome haha Ever since Google did the Google-Image-SEO-Killer-Update, I believe many website who mainly share photoshas a major decrease on their traffic. Let see what has the new image search update do to you: "Google’s January 23 image search update brought high resolution pictures directly within search results, leaving users with little incentive to clickthrough to the sites hosting and licensing the pictures. We analyzed the image search traffic of 87 domains and found a 63% decrease in image search referrals after Google’s new image search UI was released. Publishers that had previously benefited the most from their image optimization efforts suffered the greatest losses after the image search update, experiencing declines nearing 80%. In the aftermath of the new image search experience, image SEO has been severely compromised, and we have no choice but to recommend deprioritizing image SEO when weighe

Google Nexus 7 Malaysia Launch Price @ RM 999 - Announced by ASUS

[Update] Just received updates that Google Nexus 7 current price is RM899. how much did you bought yours? Google Nexus 7 Launch in Malaysia @ RM 999 ASUS Malaysia has announced the debut of Google Nexus 7 in Malaysia. Nexus 7 is the first tablet in Google’s Nexus line of devices and the lead device for Android™ 4.1, Jelly Bean . Nexus 7 combines premium hardware designed by ASUS with the latest version of Android and all of the entertainment from Google Play. Jointly developed by ASUS and Google, Nexus 7 is the world’s first 7-inch quad-core tablet which delivers the best of the Google experience in a slim, portable package that fits perfectly in the hand. In US, Google Nexus 7 is a very affordable gadget (selling at USD 250 for 16GB) consider its specification Nexus 7 comes with a NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor , meaning everything is faster – pages load quickly, gameplay is smooth and responsive, and running multiple apps is a breeze. A 12‐core GeForce G

Rita Rudaini, Aidil Zafuan Kena Denda RM500

Rita Rudaini dan Aidil Zafuan Teks oleh Wartawan GengMurai KUALA LUMPUR, 7 MEI 2010: Pelakon Rita Rudaini , 34 dan suaminya yang juga pemain bola sepak kebangsaan Mohd Aidil Zafuan Abd Razak , 23, masing-masing dikenakan hukuman denda sebanyak RM500 atau 15 hari penjara selepas didapati bersalah bernikah tanpa kebenaran. Hakim Syarie Mahkamah Rendah Syariah, Yunus Mohd Zin semalam menjatuhkan hukuman itu selepas pasangan berkenaan mengaku bersalah melakukan perbuatan tersebut di Thailand beberapa tahun lalu. Rita dan Aidil didakwa berkahwin di wilayah Songkhla, Selatan Thailand pada 25 Februari 2008, kira-kira jam 9.30 malam. Zafuan memberitahu mahkamah, dia bernikah di sana kerana tidak mendapat restu daripada keluarga. "Tidak ada persetujuan daripada keluarga sebelah saya," kata Zafuan ketika menjawab soalan Yunus. Pada 24 April 2009, Yunus yang membuat keputusan dalam kamar bahawa perkahwinan itu sah, bagaimanapun, memerintahkan pasangan itu mela

A Search Stories for Nuffnang & Gastby on NST

Still remember the first time I manage to make money online with Nuffnang. Here is my 1st Cheque from Nuffnang . So this time I would like to use Google Search Stories to make a video to thanks Nuffnang . One of the way on how to make money online with Nuffnang If you happen to be a Twitterer, you can start earning money online too, just start it with ChurpChurp ~! Read more about it here. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I would like to share an online news from NewsStraitTime [NST] about the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair . If you happen to be there, I guess you can spot yourself in the below photo =) KUALA LUMPUR: Over 500 bloggers made history at the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair recently by forming the "Largest Bloggers Gathering" and leaving their mark in the Malaysia Book of Records. The bloggers of Nuffnang Malaysia, Asia Pacific's first and leading blog advertising community, turned up in full force for the fun-filled street