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FREE Trip to Perth with AirAsia X Contest!!

Just not long ago I had a trip to Gold Coast Australia with my luvly girlfriend and it was really fun especially with the cool weather and fashionable crowd walking on the street. We live at Surfer Paradise's Islander Resort Hotel, therefore it will be a piece of cake to see surfer surfing on the sea. We can already see the beach that's just 2 street away from our hotel room. So after just checked in the hotel, we visit the beach! I was hoping to capture this moment but unfortunately the wave wasn't high enough for the surfer to enjoy numerous wave challenge. This photo is one of the scene from Chris Bryan's Surfing Essance. Go watch his video here because it is really AWESOME! This is what I saw at the beach actually. A few guys playing volley ball and there was a couple sitting up there watching the match while having French Kiss once a while. It is really easy to see couple kissing on the street of Surfer Paradise. Is it because of the cold weather? Or they are just

GoldCoast Tour: Movie World & Scooby Doo

Harlooo guys, since we are able to connect to the internet through the activated Vodafone line. Here comes a photo of us at Movie World with Scooby Doo cast. Don't you think Scooby Doo has cuckoo eyes? ( o).(o ) Tomorrow will be visiting Sea World so... hope I manage to capture more nice photos =D Press the "Like" button and share with your friend kay? Thanks~! You can subscribe to TianChad @ 永遇乐 , be a fans on TianChad @ 永遇乐 and follow @TianChad on Twitter for future blog post update =)