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Marvel Studios Malaysia Exhibition - What's Inside?? Does It Worth RM58/Entrance? 十年英雄展 大马站 里头到底有什么?值得票价吗? 【田七送礼🎁】

【田七送礼 🎁 】想赢就的就要马上看 ‼️ #MARVEL10MY   Giveaway   #MarvelStudios ⚡ ⚒ 🛡 AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!!  🛡 ⚒ ⚡ #MARVEL10MY   #Marvel   #PavilionKL 【Marvel Studios 十年英雄展 大马站】   🗓 2019年6月28日-10月27日期间开放 📍 Pavilion Elite 10楼 🎟 入门票从RM28起   Photos and video taken with  #withGalaxy   #GalaxyS10 ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ 如果你是Marvel铁粉那可就别错过【Marvel Studios 10 Years of Heroes Exhibition】今天的媒体发布会除了有Marv el英雄Cosplay的出现连我们首相 Tun Dr.Mahathir 🦸‍♂️ 和老婆 🦸‍♀️ 也有来支持叻!   #可惜没机会自拍 【Marvel Studios 十年英雄展】 🔸️ 能和超级英雄们的1:1模型拍照 🔸️ 电影 🎥 拍摄演员们穿的正版服装武器装备 🔸️ 有Ironman, Thor,Dr. Strage,Black Panther, Captain America还有很多英雄的出现 🔸️ 有各种好玩好拍的互动荧幕可尝试   #DrStrange扭曲现实世界   #被Thanos弹指消   #和Groot一起跳舞   #帮CaptainMarvel制定服装   #Galaxy英雄电子彩色   🔸️ 可以定制个人专属的   #Avenger身份证   #听说首一千位是限量版卡 🔸️ 给小孩完成任务的Avenger Passport   #收集盖章 🔸️ 有售卖很多正版Marvel周边产品   #衣服模型钥匙圈收集系列样样有   #空中漂浮Ironman最特别   #冰箱磁铁最可爱   #给小孩子的全身英雄装备   #要什么有什么 【田七送礼 🎁 】想赢就的就要马上看 ‼️ #MARVEL10MY   Giveaway   #MarvelStudios 【田七送礼 🎁 】想赢就的就要马上看 ‼️ #M

1600 Pandas Flash Mob @ Perbadanan Putrajaya, Malaysia #1600Pandas

1600 Pandas @ Perbadanan Putrajaya Just came back from Putrajaya after paying a visit to the 1600 Pandas exhibited at Perbadanan Putrajaya . The pandas flash mob were supposed to last for two hours but around 11am++ the pandas were being kept back to the rack due to drizzling at the venue. Anyhow, I manage to get some photos for you guys (and myself) haha. I love this location because the pandas were being placed on the carpet grass right in front of the beautiful buildings in Putrajaya. Too bad that the weather wasn't sunny and the carpet grass became muddy after rain. Luckily I wore my Havaianas slipper or else I am in deep shit hahaha. Malaysia local celebrities Jeffrey Cheng 庄惟翔 and  TJ 东于哲 were spotted at Perbadanan Putrajaya doing photoshoot and quick interview with the media. I also spotted a wedding couple who did their wedding photoshoot around the pandas. Looking forward to see their photos in the social media. (Share with me if you saw it kay??) Okie now more

15 Tour Locations for 1600 Pandas in Malaysia #1600PANDAS

1600 PANDAS NOW IN MALAYSIA 15 Tour Locations and schedule ‘1600 Pandas MY’ which had travelled half the globe has finally landed in Malaysia!! The pandas are expected to tour around Malay Peninsula, making stops at more than 15 locations . Each of these adorable panda shows funny yet authentic expression. Upon their first visit to Malaysia, they are on a special mission, to pass the important message from World Wide Fund for Nature - Malaysia (WWF - Malaysia) regarding the significance of environmental preservation to every corner of the country. 1600 Pandas in Dataran Merdeka as their first start together with  WWF The number 1600 is exactly the amount of the wild pandas that existed in the woods during the time this campaign was launched back then. This ‘1600 Pandas’ exhibition will last for 1 month in Malaysia hoping that it will raise more public awareness and people would spend more time knowing the ideas behind this environmental preservation.

Pipit Wonderful Market #2 @ TimeSquare

Pipit Wonderful Market #2 [4th July 2009] Trying to blog about the happening in year 2009 a.s.a.p. as I still have more to post about. Okay lets see what I've got. On a sunny Saturday, heading to Time Square a level above McD has this Arts Exhibition+Market at the empty space. As brother of DearBear3 , I gotta help her on her market too. So...lets see what I saw. [PS: We were in the #1 Wonderful Market too~! Click HERE ] Deciding to buy the plain one or flavoured KirspyKreme Saw the lady inside kinda "stunt" or thinking about why I am taking the photo. DearBear3 my sis with sweet KrispyKreme We are selling sweet and tasty Cupcakes too! Just that they are non-edible. How bout some creamy ice cream with fruits on it? Happy Bear Family Met GuiFeng aka Francene in the noon Welcomed by Pinky bearbear Framed by Genesis Culture's Ruben Tan Since I am just there to help my sis, I can go around to other stall and have a look without any limitation =D Let see which stall ca