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TianChad on NewMan Magazine

I've blogged about NewMan Magazine 6th Anniversary @ Mist Club First time saw girls wearing men's brief Letter of the month page on NewMan Magazine January 2010 Issue Sometimes I will write email to the magazine that I've read because I have something to say and to try my luck win prizes for being "Letter of the Month". Didn't manage to win this time but got my comment published =D Here is my comment: First of all, I really appreciate Newman putting one of my favourite girl, E lvanna Raine on the cover! She looks attractive and unique in the night club setting. It caught my eye because most men are visual animals! Secondly, thanks for presenting so many different cufflinks. I managed to find one that suits my formal coat. And last but not least, I love your contests, but I have a suggestion: why don't Newman put the contest form/pages behind an advertisement or something less important than your articles? I feel sorry when I cut out the form and sacrific