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OneRepublic Native Live in Malaysia 2013 @ Sunway Lagoon #OneRepublic: Journey as an OP

OneRepublic Native Live in Malaysia 2013 @ Sunway Lagoon #OneRepublic All right, now I have more time sharing about my experience as a OP for OneRepublic Concert in Malaysia . I can still fell the soreness of my leg after standing for so long but it is all worth it for OneRepublic . I believe there are 1R fans who feel even more tired than me, jelly legs, thirsty and feeling exhausted. BUT... I believe everyone is happy when OneRepublic was up on stage performing right?! I gotta say I enjoyed it to the max and was hoping more!! OneRepublic Live in Malaysia - Good Life [M83 Mash Up]  The two-hour long concert saw One Republic performed a total of 18 songs including 2 encores. 1R concert set listas follows: 1. Don’t Look Down. 2. Light It Up. 3. Secrets. 4. All The Right Moves. 5. What You Wanted. 6. Stop and Stare. 7. Counting Stars. 8. Spanish Guitar Medley. 9. Apologize (with Cry Me A River snippet) 10. Burning Bridges. 11. Preacher. 12. Gold Digger (Kanye West cover)

OneRepublic now in Malaysia!! Ryan Tedder said "Hi"!! #OneRepublic

Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic showing a peace sign to all Malaysian fans!! As a hardcore fans of OneRepublic, I tried my luck to meet them at the airport because I just love their music and can't wait to meet them again tomorrow at the concert. Checking on the Twitter Updates and also JS Concert FB Page, I know that they are going to arrive in this afternoon/evening at KLIA. This may sounds scary/mysterious but it is OneRepublic's Good Life, the song that made my dream to travel oversea for London Olympic 2012 possible. I figured it out when I humming the song in London while covering the Olympic Games as a Samsung Global Blogger. You may want to read my London Olympic 2013 journey =D "Woke up in London yesterday Found myself in the city near Piccadilly Don't really know how I got here I got some pictures on my phone" Here's a vlog in going after my favourite band - OneRepublic at KLIA. Please don't laugh as I said a lot "hell