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Chatime 100 stores in Malaysia & Art Movement Collaboration with MB-BT

Chatime 100 stores in Malaysia + Art Movement collaboration [Makanlah Buah-buahan Tempatan] Have you tried out Chatime New Fruits Bubble Tea? If you haven't, go and try out the Honeydew Milk Tea and Pear Fruit Green Tea as they both taste great. Make sure you adjust the sugar level so that it meets your taste kay? So the other day I went to Publika for Chatime Malaysia event as I saw they did an art collaboration together for Makanlah Buah-Buahan Tempatan (MB-BT) Exhibition '13 . Really happy to see this and just wanted to check out artworks by Malaysia's well known artists and designers. It was held from 12-14 July 2013 @ Publika and honestly I don't know about this exhibition until I received the invite for this event. I hope that in future Chatime Malaysia will do a collaboration for photography arts as well. Perhaps let me travel to Taiwan or other countries to capture precious moments related to love story started with Chatime? That sounds fun =)

NameWee 黄明志 - Rasa Sayang 2.0 & White Head Till Old 白头偕老 [Live]

I was invited by Bill for MBI 3rd Anniversary Dinner and Dato AC Mizal was there too. That day he and his wife dressed as Captain American. This was happened quite sometime but it was a good opportunity to meet NameWee in person and see him perform live =) NameWee - 黄明志 with his eye catching T-Shirt O.O There are two girls who singing along with NameWee instead of Karen Kong 龔柯允. Wonder what's their name... Do you know? =) NameWee 黄明志 - Rasa Sayang 2.0 [LIVE] We can has a group photo with NameWee. Oh ya, there's a random stranger that photo bomb us... Can you spot out who was he? NameWee 黄明志 - White Head Till Old 白头偕老 [LIVE] TC and NameWee Between, congratz NameWee who won 大阪影展 -- "亞洲最具潛能導演獎" Awards with his first movie - Nasi Lemak 2.0. Do visit and like NameWee's Facebook Page for latest information. PS: NameWee if you saw this blogpost please share with us and introduce your talent girl friendS. I just need their name so they will be recognize like you too

X Top Model Search Finale @ Sunway Pyramid: Part 2

Continue from X Top Model Search Finale @ Sunway Pyramid [Part 1] . I am now revealing the catwalk photos of X Top Models with the black sexy dress and elegant dress with/without the "blinky". I got one question: The black dress do look good but does the fabric makes you feel the heat? Because a good looking dress must be comfortable to be wear on too~ WaiYee Yen WaiYee Yen Norraine Chung SimHui Aw SimHui Aw featuring the V-back dress Fancy Goh Grace Chew Ieqa Natasha Kim Low Josephine Tan Benjamin Toong from Amber Chia Academy, taught the X Top models the right way to do catwalk Jimmy Wong who designed the elegant dresses One of the photo I like in their photoshoot- Phoebe How Now is the last and final set of dresses that the X Top Models will showcase. I don't really understand the gravity defying pose because of the twisting and almost fall pose =S Maybe it is to grab our attention? But I do like how some of the models swing/flip their dress and created the waves =