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DJI Spark Test Flight & Review Video

DJI Spark Drone Test Flight & Review Video Here's an overdue review post about DJI Spark. I had the chance to play with a white DJI Spark for a week and flew it for just a few times. Brought it to fly at Thean Hou Temple, a yellow mosque in Puchong, and Pulau Tioman to test out their auto-follow and hand gestures function. I've simplified all my review into the review video below so please check it out =) Especially if you are considering to buy the DJI Mavic Pro or DJI Spark

DJI OSMO Mobile LED Light Status & Indicator. What do they mean?

Have you ever wonder what does the LED lights on DJI OSMO/Osmo Mobile means ?? The DJI Osmo and DJI Osmo Mobile has two LED lights that convey different messages. The below images describe what the different lights mean. If you are  facing trouble charging up your DJI OSMO Mobile using the original 3.55mm audio-jack charging cable, get the portable charger head as you can definitely charge better. Other than that, take good care of the original charging cable as that's the only thing that connect your DJI Osmo Mobile to PC and update firmware. DJI OSMO Mobile LED Light Camera Status Indicator