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Youn Seok (윤석) "Here I Am" Album Launch @ Red Box Pavilion Plus

Youn Seok (윤석) 'Here I Am' Album Launch Youn Seok  (윤석) , a talented Korean singer, composer and producer who previously well-known as Lee AN is now back in the music industry again with his new album "Here I Am" . Youn Seok's latest project in Malaysia involves his new album launch, titled "Here I Am" and being signed as the spokesperson for Ubermen Hair Styling product . These launch campaigns will take place regionally in Malaysia and leads to some parts of S.E.A and back home in Korea, followed by Japan. By listening to Youn Seok's Malaysian slang English speaking, I believe he has been staying in Malaysia for quite some time or he just manage to adapt to the environment in swift speed. During the interview, Youn Seok shared that he collaborated with DJ Ken (from Malaysia) to produce the remix version of "Do You Hear Me" . Youn Seok also shared that if he is not a singer he would want to be an emcee/DJ as he is a talkat