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Snowflake Coco Ono @ IOI Boulevard

Have you tried out the Coco Ono @ Snowflake ? Me and my gf tried once at Snowflake IOI Boulevard. This is how our Coco Ono looks like: Besides the Sweet Potato, and their new Okinawan Sweet Potato(purple colour), I don't know why it looks a bit small portion to me. maybe it is because of the mini pearls? You can compare the Coco Ono Snowflake posted it on their Facebook page , they have more pearls!! PS: Seems like Snowflakes limit 5 Taro balls/bowl of ice dessert too. What bout other Ice dessert shop? The main cast has arrive: Gula Melaka Syrup Dressing . Just pour into your bowl of Coco Ono to make it taste sweeter. Overall, it taste moderate as I am quite familiar with Gula Melaka taste. It seems like different branches has different quality too. The first thing I can smell in Snowflake IOI Boulevard is not their sweet syrup but Chlorine smell. Maybe my nose was too sensitive to the smell but I wonder if anyone feel the same way too. However I do like their spot lights in the s