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Clive Magazine 2nd Anniversary with Sexy Cover Girls | Zouk Club

Okay after a very long wait here comes part of the photos selected from my photo album. 30th of July 2010 is Clive Magazine 2nd Anniversary @ Zouk Club KL and I would say I went there earlier compare to last year Clive's Magazine 1st anniversary . I still remember Mynjayz get tons of condom because they have Care Condom company as one of the sponsors. This year Clive 2nd Anniversary I saw some familiar faces cover girls of Clive Magazine Malaysia. Bimba Fonseka-Dewar, Stefanie Chua, Patricia Sue-Lin Knudsen, Elvanna Raine, & Sarah Lian Met John Lean at the event because he was working with RedFM =) Do visit his blog for automotive blogging niche. This is the night view of KLCC outside Zouk Club before the sky turn darker Alex, Samuel and LCK were there to join the fun~! The goodie bags awaiting us Familiar faces event showgirl that let us play the Wii Game to get a chance win free Travel Trip. Too bad I don't have Wii to practice earlier, or else I would have won~! T

SOTHYS Grooming Workshop @ Pavillion

Early in November I went to Sothys's Grooming Workshop that was organized by C LIVE Magazine . Well, I want to go there because it would be the first time I get to learn proper grooming for face. People are advised not to judge base on the cover but what would a person noticed first when they met each other at the very beginning? It is the outlooks after all. [Unless you are a guy/girl that ignore the outlooks] Let see what happened during the workshop. Now facial care product for men also have various choices I was the first one to arrive cos punctuality is actually one of my habits [Unless certain circumstances] The Platinum Room located in Pavillion Seventh Heaven with outrageous door We were served with "kuih-muih" and orange juice That is the moment I get to know Sothys the brand We were given a form for identification of our skin type While waiting I kill my time with this And look around their product which is quite "noble&quo