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Karen Mok 莫文蔚 "Somewhere I Belong" Promo Tour in Malaysia 大馬宣傳之旅 [Paradigm Mall]

Karen Mok 莫文蔚 "Somewhere I Belong" Promo Tour in Malaysia 大馬宣傳之旅 [Paradigm Mall] Karen Mok “Somewhere I Belong” Autograph Session 莫文蔚 签名会 Date : 13/4/2013 ( Saturday) Time : 8pm Venue : Upper Atrium, Level UG, Paradigm Mall As usual, photo story first before I give description to some of the photos. It was very close this time for me to have a photo together with Karen Mok but in the end I didn't manage to get it... BUT I am quite happy to capture these Karen Mok's Malaysia Fans group photo! More photos below: Overall, Karen Mok is very friendly in person =) She made the three fans on stage feeling comfortable by standing side by side listen to their saying. Karen Mok 莫文蔚 "Somewhere I Belong"  is her first English music album featuring Jazz genre music in overall. Karen Mok saying that she will prefer to consider act in something different than "The God of Cookery @ 食神" as she wanted to try new things. Same goes to "Som


ntv7 Feel Good Run 2013: 80 Celebrities #dogoodfeelgood @ Sri Pentas on 7 July #ntv7fgr *********************************** ntv7 15th Anniversary Feel Good Run birthday cake! To commemorate ntv7 ’s big 15th year anniversary , the Feel Good Run this year will be more exciting than ever. This year, ntv7 has decided to keep its previous year’s slogan, ‘Do Good Feel Good’ as the station feels that the act of benevolence goes a long way and until that mission is accomplished with maximum satisfaction, the slogan remains a motivation factor for them to share the love. Airin Zainul, Group General Manager of ntv7 and 8TV giving speech while running “We want our viewers to feel good literally, and connect with our shows and events. Event tie-ins such as the Feel Good Run, is a good platform to engage with our viewers while providing them a means to do good to the rest of the community as well, ” says the Group General Manager of ntv7 & 8TV, Airin Zainul . “

NTV7 Bella Awards 2013 @ Marini's On 57 + Top 5 Nominees

Finally I am now blogging about ntv7 Bella Awards 2013 , thank you ntv7 for inviting me to this event as I am glad to take this chance to know all the successful women here. Yes, I do inspired by women who contributed much to the society and having their own personalities =) It was my first time to drop by Marini's 57 too. A great place to hang out after work with awesome KL Twin Tower night view =D It was a great chance to meet up with celebrities and personalities you like too. That's where I met Shila Amzah for the first time and Daphne Iking, my all time favourite women with strong personality =) Check out the photos below for all gorgeous womens ya.  ************************************ ntv7 is setting another national record as the feel good channel introduces Malaysia’s 1st women awards show – Bella Awards 2013 – to celebrate, recognise, and honour successful women for their great achievement and inspirational contribution to the society. The idea of the awa