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ntv7 Golden Awards Red Carpet 金视奖红地毯谁与争锋 #GoldenAwards #金视奖

ntv7 Golden Awards 2014已圆满结束!!大家都知道成绩了对不对?那我今天就和你们分享在Red Carpet 红地毯拍到的照片啦!!这一次因为有访问瑶瑶,贺军翔和炎亚纶等人,所以错过了一些艺人的照片。这一次星光大道明星们有身材的就露身材,不过Debbie吴天瑜这次就较保守,有披风做女侠哈哈。Aenie王淑君那肉色的群最让人有视觉错误,差点以为她“没穿”。Christ童冰玉红地毯上的蓝裙最为抢眼啦,你们看到照片就会知道了。喜欢ntv7 Golden Awards 2014的朋友,记得和你喜欢的艺人分享这里的照片!!

Astro Digital Publications Launch @ NAKED Restaurant & Bar, Plaza Damas

Astro customers can now get 5 new digital magazines at no charge (Style, Car, InTrend, Men's Uno, iFeel) Astro Digital Publications Launch @ Naked Restaurant and Bar, Plaza Damas If you hate the heavy weight of magazine, you can now read some of your favourite magazine online now!! Now we can download and enjoy reading the latest, favourite e-magazines at anytime anywhere with  Astro Digital Publication ’s new e-magazines. Astro Digital Publications has transformed itself to provide their customers and Malaysians with content on their mobile phones and tablets anytime, anywhere. To this end, Astro Digital Publications (ADPUB) is pleased to launch 6 digital publications – Style (English women’s fashion lifestyle), Car (automotive), InTrend (Malay women’s fashion lifestyle) , FHM (English men’s lifestyle) , Men’s Uno (Chinese men’s fashion lifestyle) and ifeel (Chinese women’s fashion lifestyle), which are now available for download on the Apple newsstand .

LeeHom 王力宏 & Celebrities @ Coach Malaysia The Gardens Reopening Event [Photo]

Celebrities & LeeHom 王力宏 @ Coach Malaysia Gardens Reopening Event Good morning guys, here's a photo post dedicated to celebrities and fans who attended Coach Malaysia The Gardens Reopening Event yesterday. Beside the main cast Wang Lee Hom 王力宏 , pretty and handsome Malaysia celebrities and personalities were there as well. Debbie Goh, Lawrence Wong, Henley Hii, Jojo Goh, Henry Golding, Hansen Lee, Julie Woon, Andrea Fonseka, Deborah Henry, Tracy Cheong, Dennis Yin  and many more. Check out Coach Malaysia TheGardens Reopening Event celebrities photos as below: Dennis Yin with #lenglui @ Coach Malaysia The Gardens Reopening Event DJ GoldFish @ Coach Malaysia The Gardens Reopening Event Andrea Fonseka @ Coach Malaysia The Gardens Reopening Event @ Coach Malaysia The Gardens Reopening Event @ Coach Malaysia The Gardens Reopening Event @ Coach Malaysia The Gardens Reopening Event Super shor pants and jacket with two diff material. Hmmm.

80 TOP MALAYSIA CELEBRITIES @ THE FEEL GOOD RUN 2013! Here's the name-list!

Get ready for the Feel Good Run 2013!! 7 July at Sri Pentas, Bandar Utama Participating in a public run is something that all runners enjoy doing in the morning as they share feel good moments with their family and friends. Not only is it a meeting point for old and new friends to come together, the Feel Good Run 2013 – scheduled to be held on 7 July at Sri Pentas, Bandar Utama – is a place where fans get to meet and run with their favourite local celebrities. ntv7 Feel Good Run 2013: 80 Celebrities #dogoodfeelgood @ Sri Pentas on 7 July #ntv7fgr  With over 80 celebrities who will be joining the charity fun run this year, fans will be able to spend a longer time running alongside with their favourite celebrities in the 7KM route as compared to the 3KM celebrities category last year. As ntv7 celebrates its 15th anniversary this year, the Feel Good Run 2013 establishes a strong variety line-up of celebrities in the country. For the complete list of the participat