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My Journey to SK Malinsau, Ranau with Astro Kasih: "Bulih Bah Kalau Kau"

"Bulih Bah Kalau Kau" - Jom terbang! "Bulih Bah Kalau Kau" , the phrase that I learned and understand until I reached Sabah. It actually means, "If for you no problem lah" *Malaysian Slang*.  Last year November I was given an opportunity to travel to SK Malinsau, Ranau in Sabah to understand the obstacles that student were facing in their study life and how Astro Kasih contributed in helping them.

PETRONAS Water For Life Programme @ Kampung Jemery, Kuala Rompin

HuaiBin, Budiey and TianChad getting ready to Pahang! Hello bello everybody, today I would like to share about my journey to Pahang to help the Orang Asli in Kampung Jemery (Kuala Rompin) to get access to uninterrupted water supply. This project is called PETONAS Water For Life and it is an ongoing CSR project carried out together by PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad and the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) . I am glad that three bloggers ( HuaiBin , Budiey and myself) were invited to take part this time to contribute to the society =) Prior to the programme, the villagers had to walk half a kilometre to draw water from the well and on days where water supply was low, they had to brave through a 5km journey to reach the nearest river. Petronas Water for Life @ Kampung Jemery, Kuala Rompin [VLOG]  Beautiful oil palm estate along the journey to Kuala Rompin We departed from PETRONAS Twin Towers and travel to Kuala Rompin by bus. It was all about beautiful greenery al