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Bumblebeez @ A Night In Rome

Have you choose which RedKen Hairstyle that you like? Have a look >here< I like this photo of Bumblebeez =) After the Redken Hair Show and time out for a while Here comes the lucky draw Two buckets of Heineken for 3 lucky draw coupons Marion with the lucky draw-er "Hmm how I wish I can win it for my boyfriend" One of the lucky guy Another lucky guy If not wrong I remember it is a watch, an expensive watch! Managed to take photo with Liang You-Cheng when Xeroz reminded me Since Bumblebeez is going to perform soon I went near to the stage Didn't waste a chance to take photo with Marion Caunter and Joey G again =D You got it! Heineken! I saw the famous bloggers too =) KY , Audrey , Tey Cindy KimOng with the sexy dress Since we all standing too long we decided to sit outside. This is when I met Joyce the KinkyBlueFairy *I should get BB cream for my panda eye...* I learned new tricks from Xeroz while drinking Heineken When he cheers you on top of the bottle First thi

Redken's Hair Show @ Heineken Champions League Party

At last there is a post for event again! "The Romanesque Fashion Show" Prominent hair salons co-suported Redken in the event included Toyako Hair Group Salons, Johor Bahru and Salon esprit, Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur. Continue from last post - A Night In Rome As usual I will post up a photo of Marion Caunter ;p She is the emcee And she is a singer. I know she can sing very well but I guess the sound system made her not so outstanding. Later on the Hairshow started 1. A skinny muscular guy That pose and dance Leading out all the girls All with different hairstyles 2. The bushy style 3. The wind-curl-style This one err... 4. Blown by strong wind at certain direction Here comes the Amber and Water 5. She looks fierce with the standing hairs 6. And here comes the guy with good physical body shape 7. Wanna collect some honey from the "bee hive"? 8. This is the unique-mushroom-head 9. And this is east-wind-blowing-hairstyle I like this one 10. Does it looks familiar

Envie Club With A Little Surprise!

Just back from Envie Club and I like their dance floor Which was mentioned it cost RM250k++ Tried Tuborg for the first time and also two of the cocktails Whisky & Vodka Cocktail Met up Qi and Julie too Qi is tall and Julie is a belle =) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So what are the surprise? Starting from this month I will start guest blogging at LG Blog =) This is a very new and great thing happening to me! I gotta improve my English writing so that I won't "downgrade" LG Blog So please feel free to drop by LG Blog as a support ya! Where as for my own blog I seriously need to improve it's outlook. It looks really messy now.... I also need a good rest to have a healthier skin. So... Good nightz~ ^@^

Heineken's A Night In Rome @ Mercedez Hap Seng

On the same day after Bio Career Fair 2009 Four of us (Nicole, Zj, YengYeng + Me) went to Heineken's Event A Night In Rome @ Mercedez Hap Seng YengYeng the Roma's Finale 2009 Model We were stop by because guests are required to register though SMS :) Thanks YengYeng be the photographer :) We can redeem some free gifts if we wear white that day. How? Just place your mobile phone in the red area :) It looks cool for me :) Another lady that pose for me :) She was incharge of Heineken's Member registration if I am not wrong. We and Timothy + Audrey lovely couple arrived at the same time and hence can't miss the group photo session. Wish them have a Happy Ending :) Ange arrived later and the green bag is the freegift we redeemed It is a very nice bag that can keep your beers cool. We arrived earlier than most of the guest and it looks empty from the outside. Same to the inside :) We ordered 2 bucket of beer as there are promotion and no free flow that night During tha