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Twin Towers Alive #TTAlive Day 2 - 2NE1 CL the most photogenic

2NE1 @ Twin Towers Alive #TTAlive Day 2 Yo to all fans of Twin Towers Alive 2013 especially 2NE1 and BackStreet Boys , I've just done edit all the photos taken during #TTAlive day 2 and it is already too late to publish a full post. Therefore here is just a sneak peak of what is the outcome!! Compared with last year's #TTAlive, I did more video recording instead of photography as there are something that video can tell better story. Had better camera gear to take better photos AND videos too. Really impressed with my Nikon D800's built in mic that filtered out the strong bass and make the video sounds and looks crispy clear!! All I wanna say is, CL 2NE1 has the most natural and enjoyable expression captured in Twin Towers Alive 2013. However, 2NE1 will be always Number 1! Thanks DARA 2NE1! PS: Thanks DARA (or her Instagram staff ) who published the group photo on Dara's Instagram featuring Sky Arts Production ! =DStay tuned for tomorrow full covera