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I've met Aunty Bersih - Malaysia Lady of Liberty @ KLCC

It was all about coincidence to meet Aunty Anne  (or should I call her Aunty Bersih ) at a place where many tourists will drop by everyday - the infamous KLCC. I was just hanging around the mall after finish an event held in Harrods. Found a place to sit then look around while waiting for time to pass before I went to another event. Suddenly I saw someone like Aunty Anne passed by the front row of shop. I wasn't sure if it was her until she appeared sitting at the bench beside me. I am not sure if you've faced this dilemma before: When you meet someone familiar but not sure whether it is him while deciding if you should greet him or not. After so much hesitation,  I finally dare myself to greet and ask, "Harlo, are you Aunty Anne who appear in Bersih Rally?" . The first thing I saw was her sweet smile and she replied, "Yes" . I was impressed by Aunty Bersih's bravery since I heard about her at the rally and she shared her personal life experienc