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Astro Digital Publications Launch @ NAKED Restaurant & Bar, Plaza Damas

Astro customers can now get 5 new digital magazines at no charge (Style, Car, InTrend, Men's Uno, iFeel) Astro Digital Publications Launch @ Naked Restaurant and Bar, Plaza Damas If you hate the heavy weight of magazine, you can now read some of your favourite magazine online now!! Now we can download and enjoy reading the latest, favourite e-magazines at anytime anywhere with  Astro Digital Publication ’s new e-magazines. Astro Digital Publications has transformed itself to provide their customers and Malaysians with content on their mobile phones and tablets anytime, anywhere. To this end, Astro Digital Publications (ADPUB) is pleased to launch 6 digital publications – Style (English women’s fashion lifestyle), Car (automotive), InTrend (Malay women’s fashion lifestyle) , FHM (English men’s lifestyle) , Men’s Uno (Chinese men’s fashion lifestyle) and ifeel (Chinese women’s fashion lifestyle), which are now available for download on the Apple newsstand .