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WHY TM UNIFI SPEED SO SLOW?! It's already year 2016!!

TM UNIFI SPEED SO SLOW!! High Speed Broadband?? Did you just subscribed to the brand new 30mbps UNIFI but the internet speed you got is very disappointing and slow like tortoise?? Well you are not alone, last few day I already caught up with the slow Unifi speed especially when I surf YouTube, Facebook and apparently any website from the US are affected. Even my DiGi and Maxis dataplan load Facebook faster than UNIFI!  WHAT HAPPENED TO UNIFI SPEED 2016?? WHY SO SLOW? Today TM finally did an official announcement about UNIFI's slow speed (which I think hidden in the website until I need to google for it) and the reason why UNIFI users may face difficulty in surfing the internet. In conclusion, there is a fault on the Asia Submarine Cable Express (ASE) system off Singapore, which affected TM's Cahaya Malaysia submarine cable linking Malaysia to North Asia and the United States. The repair of the submarine cable is scheduled to begin on 25 March and is expected

[GIVEAWAY] 8TV SHOUT! AWARDS 2013 VIP/Shout! Tickets #ShoutAwards

[GIVEAWAY] 8TV SHOUT! AWARDS 2013 VIP/Shout! Tickets Hello guys, as one of the promotional partner for The Shout! Awards 2013 , is giving out total 60 limited tickets to watch the awards live!! All you need to do is join this giveaway, follow all steps and the more you share the higher chance you'll win! Be quick, just a few days left to win the passes =) You may be the lucky fella to meet Shane Filan!! Good luck! 8TV Shout! Awards Prizes consist of: 10 x VIP Tickets 25 x SHOUT! Tickets (free standing) 25 x NORMAL Tickets (seating) PS: Be patience with the loading of widget. This contest will ends on 7th Nov 2013. Guys, remember to leave a comment as it is one of the required steps to win SHOUT! AWARDS 2013 VIP/Shout! Tickets from =) Come and grab your Shout! Awards tickets from! Shane Filan special appearance at THE SHOUT! AWARDS 2013 Autograph Session on 8 November 2013 @ 1 Utama, First Floor, Highstr

[GIVEAWAY] THE SHOUT! AWARDS VIP/SHOUT! Tickets. Share more for Shane!! #ShoutAwards

8TV Shout Awards Nominees Revealed @ Subang Empire Hotel. Vote now!! All  right, here's a quick post of what happened at the night 8TV Shout Awards reveal their nominees . Both local artists and sponsors together with respective medias attended this Shout Awards Party which held at Subang Empire Hotel . I was lucky not to get lost inside the shopping mall and hotel. The hotel lobby is confusing though =S This time it is special for,  I had a seat with my name on it as I am one of the promotional partners for The Shout Awards 2013 *bangga*. Cool yo!! Too bad I didn't see Rentak Sejuta, or MSN Malaysia as some  is oversea and some covering the concert~ Meet happy friendly PRs from ntv7 =D The stage is ready for awesome performance by Tactmatic & Kyren Thomas, LOKA I like their music =) Here's how The Shout Awards look like. Can I have one for 'Best Entertainment Photography Award'? Wahaha Glad that JinnyBoyTV

2013 Asia Super Showcase in Malaysia Postponed Until Further Notice...

"2013 Asia Super Showcase in Malaysia Postponed Until Further Notice" The organizers regret to inform that the 2013 Asia Super Showcase in Malaysia originally scheduled on Sunday, 12 May 2013 at Stadium Merdeka has been postponed until further notice. In light of the recent developments in Malaysia, the event is postponed to ensure that the wellbeing of the general public is well taken care off. The decision has been made after much deliberation from the organizers as well as their international partners. The organizers sincerely apologize for inconveniences caused and will make an announcement on the new show date within a month from today. For existing ticket holders who are unable to attend the showcase at the re-scheduled date, they would be informed on the refund method for their tickets. For further updates, please visit: Marctensia Concerts : OR Universal Music Malaysia : www.

NTV7 Golden Awards 金视奖 2012 Winners Announced Live @ PICC [Photo]

  Hello to all Golden Awards fans, here will have exclusive photos of ntv7 Golden Awards 2012 results where you might not able to see it live from TV. So check out all the photos below and there will be more on my Facebook Page ! Like it and share with your friends and your favourite celebrity ya! You can read more about ntv7 Golden Awards 2012 here: NTV7 Golden Awards 《金视奖》 2012 Top 10 Revealed @ Teeq Brasserie [Celebrities Photos]+ [22/9/2012] Golden Awards 2012 Winners Announced @ PICC [Photos] [24/9/2012]NTV7 Golden Awards 2012 Celebrities @ Red Carpet 金视奖红地毯 [Part 1] [25/9/2012]NTV7 Golden Awards 2012 Celebrities @ Red Carpet 金视奖红地毯 [Part 2] The golden awards started on time with the nominees walking out from the stage while dancers dancing around. Here's the cheeky male actors: Best Supporting Actor: laurance Teo, Freddie Wong, Alvin Wong, Yap Chin Fong, and Chan Fong Gorgeous female celebrities which is also finalist of  Best Actress Debbie Goh,