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Top 15 Things To Do in Can Tho Vietnam #TCTravel

Top 15 Things To Do in Can Tho Vietnam #TCTravel This is my second time visiting Vietnam throughout my life and this time we flew with AirAsia directly from Kuala Lumpur to Can Tho International Airport to discover the undiscovered places.  The return air ticket to Can Tho was around RM200++ only. Well, before visiting there all I know is people making a day trip from Ho Chi Minh to Can Tho for the famous Cai Rang Floating Market . Of course me and my friends were hesitate and thinking if it is worth traveling over there for 4D3N. To be honest, there are so much more to explore here in Can Tho Vietnam. It is actually not enough! Let's have a look what I did and which is recommended: Top 15 things to do in Can Tho, Vietnam

【旅游】Top 20 Things To Do in KunMing China 20件昆明一定要去的景点和做的事

TOP 20 THINGS TO DO IN KUNMING CHINA AND PLACES TO VISIT 20件在昆明一定要去的景点和做的事 Kunming 昆明  is the first part of China I have visited and I gotta say I am amazed with what the nature has to give and how the little human touch can make that scenic place even more enormous and magnificent. Although certain place are pretty crowded with tourist due to their 4A Grade travel locations, you will still able to find the quiet place to enjoy the similar (or better) view. I will share Top 20 things to do in Kunming from my recent 4D3N trip to Kunming with Airasia . #VacaywithAirasia #AirAsiaKunming Time was very limited but I believe you won't believe the amount of places we have covered within this short period of time. Let's have a look at the list below and I will elaborate more with pictures: Top 20 Things To Do In KunMing 20件在昆明一定要去的景点和做的事 昆明旧街区 KunMing Old Street 昆明金马碧鸡坊 JinMa Biji Historic Site 云南民族村 Yunnan Nationalities Village 换上云南民族服装拍照Try out the local outfit

AirAsia X Now Fly To Mauritius. Air-fare starts from RM299

AirAsia X Now Fly To Mauritius. Air-fare starts from RM299 [PRESS RELEASE] Today AirAsia X becomes the only airline to offer nonstop flights between Kuala Lumpur to Mauritius, with 3 times weekly flights to commence on 4 October 2016. The all-in-fares starts from as low as RM299 one-way available for booking from 26 May to 5 June 2016. AirAsia X added another destination into its route network and announced Mauritius as the next idyllic place it will connect directly from Kuala Lumpur, with three times weekly flights commencing 4 October 2016. This brand new destination will be operated on the Airbus A330-300 with a capacity of 377 seats, inclusive of 12 award-winning Premium Flatbeds, and marks the AirAsia X Group’s 22nd destination throughout its route network. 毛里求斯 成为亚航长程不断增长飞行网络的最新航点。 AirAsia X 亚航长程开通唯一吉隆坡至毛里求斯直飞航线,每周3 趟航班于2016 年10 月4 日启航。 全包单程优惠票价从299 令吉起,于2016 年5 月26 日起至6 月5 日公开销售。

Cheap AirAsia Flight to Kota Kinabalu & Experience

Promised to process the travel photos taken during Kota Kinabalu trip. So now is the time to process AND blog about it as well! The KK air flight was bought from Airasia long time ago all thanks to Nicole We thought we were the last group to arrive but seems like AirAsia delayed and save our day? haha Economy flight is not that comfortable but cheap is a good reason to use their service. *One day I wanna have business class flight* Every time we will meet a kid on the plane. Glad that he is not that kind of babies that cry all day long. He was not scared of us and we played together too =D Maybe because I have a baby head face? Play Jewel Game on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 . Read my review of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 here. The sky view of Kota Kinabalu Water Village from the plane Does that means lots of seafood too? Checked in King Park Hotel that look and smell so old especially their hotel room corridor. Luckily their room is comfortable to stay =)