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'RUMOUR HAS IT Adele – Her Life And Songs' @ KLPAC ft Naomi Price #rumourhasitMY

'RUMOUR HAS IT Adele – Her Life And Songs'  - featuring  Naomi Price   'RUMOUR HAS IT Adele – Her Life And Songs' - starring Naomi Price (The Voice Australia) this award winning musical celebration will be take you on the life journey of the ordinary girl Adele Adkins rise to stardom; featuring the best of her songs. The show was held at KLPAC from 21st – 25th Sept and below are some photos taken during the Asia Premiere Night. I love the simple decoration for the stage, the awesome lighting that complement their live performance and yet let us focusing on the vocals and live band. Thanks Milestone Production for your invitation, I did enjoy the show =) I love Naomi Price 's impersonation of Adele and the production even customized the show to Malaysian (especially when it comes to jokes that were being custom made including making fun of 'her' hairstyle). Overall, the show was a combination of Adele's story telling. She shared about her li

Adele Live @ Royal Albert Hall Warner Music Malaysia Private Screening

Adele Live @ Royal Albert Hall CD+DVD Review "It is never too late to share good music with friends especially you who reading it now! On 22nd December 2011 we see the release of Adele's "Live At The Royal Albert Hall" concert film . It has been an incredible year for Adele, starting with her No1 album "21," her Number 1 single "Someone Like You," the global smash hits "Rolling In The Deep" and her spellbinding live appearance on The Brits. Her album "21" has become the biggest selling album in the world this year with 13 million copies sold and counting while "21" and "19" remain the UK's 1st and 2nd highest selling albums so far. She has received rave reviews for her live shows and "Live At The Royal Albert Hall," recorded at the height of this amazing year, showcases exactly why Adele has become one of the most sought after live performers in the world. On the 1st Dec, Adele received six