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Wedding Photography @ Hard Rock Hotel Penang

Wedding Photography at Hard Rock Hotel Penang featuring Melvin and Sueann Here's a wedding photo post about Melvin and Sueann who had me as their wedding photographer at Hard Rock Hotel Penang. It was my second time to be there but I am glad my dear friends having their wedding here in Hard Rock! Melvin, a happy and positive guy who love to makes people laugh has manage to pull out a great surprise to his new wife Sueann by singing a love song with the music band. They even came out with awesome dance performance to entertain the invited guest to celebrate their big day. I had so much fun shooting for their wedding especially when they being themselves enjoying the moments.  So here you are, some wedding photos taken at Hard Rock Hotel Penang's Hall of Fame ballroom which comes with a unique Rock 'n' Roll edge decoration and red carpet aisle. I am glad that they don't play with the fancy rainbow color lights that interrupt my camera judgment on the

Wedding in Penang Trinity Methodist Church

Melvin and Sueann - Wedding in Penang Trinity Methodist Church It has been a while since my last time blogging about the wedding that I've captured for my clients, who are also my good friends. Today I would like to share with you my first church wedding photography in Penang - The Trinity Methodist Church. Featuring the lovely couple Melvin and Sueann . I know Melvin through a travel trip to Krabi, Thailand under Tourism Selangor and I gotta say that was one of the best trip in my life as I got to make new friends who love adventures as much as I do. Since that we are always stay in touched and have a yearly Chinese New Year LouSang. Melvin is a funny and happy go lucky person while Sueann is a sweet girl that I first met during our first CNY LouSang event.   It was really honored when they approached me to take their pre-wedding photos. Since we have been friends for quite some time, it was a lot easier for me to capture their precious moments. In order for a ph

[Wedding Actual Day] CK & ZiNing Tie The Knot @ Sg Siput, Ipoh

 CK & ZiNing - 2014 Happy happy! Now is the right season to get married. I would like to congrats CK and ZiNing again for getting married in June this year. CK is my unimate and I am proud of him as he got his Master and Professor after we graduated with Biotechnology's Degree. I guess my career pathway diverted from my initial field but I never regret for taking this course because I get to know a bunch of great friends throughout the years. CK is a very kind person and I always remember him who took out time to meet up during my visit to London in year 2012. I am glad that CK and ZiNing has already tie their knot together and I gotta give big thumbs up for CK on the wedding arrangement as I got myself a comfortable place to rest before their wedding day and do their actual-day slideshow in peace haha.  CK and ZiNing's wedding was held in Sg Siput and it is a peaceful place to stay if you wanna get close to the nature. It is not as busy as the KL City. Now here a

Actual Day Wedding Photoshoot @ Sg. Siput: CK & ZiNing

Congratz to Dr. CK and Dr. ZiNing!! =D So yeah, today I just came back from Sg Siput after shooting actual wedding photos for my good friend CK and ZiNing. I've known CK since uni time and he has been one good friend that I am glad I know. I still remember that good old time when I meet up with him in London during Olympic 2012. It was fun!! Last Saturday was his big day and I am more than happy to capture their precious moments. CK did a very good job in planning for my accommodation and information regarding his wedding. So far he is one of the guy who is so attentive and helpful to his buddies and me as the photographer of the day. While waiting for me to process the whole album for both day and night photoshoot at MH Hotel (Sg Siput), I would like to share a few photos that I captured and edited for same-day-edit-slideshow. After all, a blog won't be considered as a blog if it lost its personal touch ;p