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I Won Kido Daruma from!

Rawr! Recognize the monsters in the above pictures? They all together can become a rainbow. I like it =) So I went to Mid Valley last few days to meet up with SmashpOp (Jason) to collect present from the March birthday boy. Since I arrived earlier I wander around and found Action City was at the same floor. Action City @ MidValley Garden They have tones of bearbricks with different size and designs When monster pig can fly Dancing Silver Bearbricks, which one is your favourite? Haha! They have The Beatles too! John, Paul, Ringo, and George. Arrange them in order~! Action City have tons of Domokun in various size. From Keychain size to big baby size. Really like the soft toys and stuff selling in there. After this went to The Borders for some reading and bought Men's Uno + FHM Magazine. Before that I've spent hour reading inside, luckily got sofa. Spent lots of time inside and spot these music boxes. Most have been sold out =( It could be great presents for friends and weddi