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My One of a Kind Limited Edition ABSOLUT UNIQUE

ABSOLUT UNIQUE - One of a kind. Millions of expressions In this world, each every human is unique yet no one want to bump into someone wearing the same cloth. Just like when you have a new smartphone, you will decorate it or put on your favourite designed phone case to make it looks absolutely unique and to show your personality as well. Today I am sharing with you something nice - the ABSOLUTE UNIQUE . Instead of finalized the new ABSOLUTE Bottle with only one same design, the designers decided to create millions of different Absolut Bottles that are 100% unique on its own. So instead of having to chase down one of a few, whichever bottle you get is the only one of its kind. Your very own ABSOLUT UNIQUE work of art. Each and every ABSOLUTE UNIQUE bottle are uniquely designed and numbered individually,which makes them Limited Edition. Here's my ABSOLUT UNIQUE with lemon green, blue and yellow combination on the bottle. Nice! There are some splashes on the bottle