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Meme It Like You Mean It -Trendsetter with M840! [Contest]

The GAG Quartet Internet Medley: 40 MEMES in One Song One of my favourite Meme Creation on the internet What is Internet Meme?  An Internet meme is an idea that is propagated through the World Wide Web. The idea may take the form of a hyperlink, video, picture, website, hashtag, or just a word or phrase, such as intentionally misspelling the word "more" as "moar" or "the" as "teh". The meme may spread from person to person via social networks, blogs, direct email, news sources, or other web-based services. To follow the trend, I've tried to create a meme about blogger. You can read my explanation about my Meme here - BLOGGER MEME: What People Really Think I Do BLOGGER MEME: What People Really Think I Do Well, I used to be at the stage of 'What I really do' but it get betters now day by day where I started to enjoy more on what I am doing now! Don't you feel happy for me too? =D I've been looking aro

The GAG Quartet Internet Medley: 40 MEMES in One Song

By watching tons of videos at YouTube trend channel , it is always good to find out something cool especially when people put in efforts to combine all MEMES together in one song. I am sure you read 9gag also right? If not, you can start reading it and have some good laugh. Back to the topiic of the day - The GAG Quartet Internet Medley that features 40 MEMES in one song. I couldn't recognize all MEMES in this video. Can you? I dare you! Haha Nyan Cat still look cute if do something else like drinking milk or a sleeping Nyan Cat I recognize the music but not that cartoon character The Laaaah song and El Mudo - Chacarron Macarron later When Me Gusta started to dance Obama and wife said not bad F*ck Yeah~ I prefer #LikeABoss All right try your best to identify all 40 MEMES in this picture and video! The GAG Quartet - le Internet Medley (OVER 40 MEMES IN ONE SONG) No worries, I have got the list for you: MEME NYAN CAT TROLL TROLL DAD RAGE GUY 4CHAN FO