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Funniest Slurpee Video Contest | 3rd Prize Winner

End of May me and YiWern went to 7-11 Office to redeem prizes that we won through My Funniest Slurpee Video Contest . 7Eleven's office located in the Berjaya Plaza, kinda old inside and not much shop let too. Kinda scary if without people inside. This is YiWern the female cast of the funny video We won the 3rd prize with our "The Amazing Disgrace" Thanks to Nicole and ZJ for take part in the video too Feel free to watch our production - The Amazing Disgrace! Was asked by Wern to post with the lucky number 7 *Poser phailed* Nikki presenting the prize to Wern "The Gaga story of me, Monkey, and Slurpee" [A stop motion video] This is the first video that we made starring Nicole (MsXeroz) My turn to receive prizes from Nikki Slurpee has a nice goodie bag ar. Very colourful too =D *With the T-Shirt, goodie bag and the cheque* I personally like this keychain very much =D 3rd prize winner of My Funniest Slurpee Video ~! =D Let see

Slurpee Nator | M'sia 7-Eleven Facebook Page

Today I am gonna share a bit about Malaysia's 7-Eleven Official Facebook Fanpage - Slurpee Nator ~! In 2009, 7-Eleven Malaysia unveiled "Slurpee Nator" to its customers, with the mission to bring the joy back in making everyday shopping convenient and exciting! Born in a store that never sleeps; the Slurpee Nator's jovial nature is as awesome as the rainbow coloured Slurpee. Slurpee Nator embodies everything fun and is the bond between 7-Eleven and all Malaysians. Slurpee Nator - Slurpee Official website - Good news! SLURPEE NATOR FREE GIFTS UP FOR GRABS , in conjunction with their Facebook page launch. “Like” (become a fan) Slurpee Nator on Facebook till 30 June 2010 , Slurpee Nator will be giving away Slurpee Nator gifts to randomly picked fans. It is so easy to win their special gift by just "Like" their Facebook page . So why not? You might able to win this cute and adorable

Random Chad: 7 Eleven, Bird Twitt, Support for Project Alpha, Best Photo!

Yesterday's weather is so sunny and bright. Shoot this scenary while driving on highway. Please do not learn what I did in the car. I am still looking for 10 nice photos that appear on my blog and hope you could tell me which one is your favourite. Even pictures from old time blog posts also can! That's why I can't help myself camwhore more in the car. This one need to do when car is stopped of course. Suddenly found a creative way to "advertise" for Unicef. It is actually a car sticker on my mirror. This morning 6AM, woke up by loud tweet from the bird that is just outside my window. It is so dark until I can't see how it looks like. But its tweet sounds nice! You can play and listen, then guess which bird tweet like this. Used the RM10 McD Voucher that was given during Dutch Lady World Milk Day @ Pavilion . By ordering the McValue Lunch I can order an Oreo Mc Flurry as extra dessert =) Visited 7-11 Malaysia office @ Plaza Berjaya to claim