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苏打绿十周年世界巡回演唱会 Sodagreen AIR world tour @ Singapore新加坡站!! [30 August 2014]

2014年苏打绿10周年空气中的视听与幻觉世界巡回演唱会-新加坡站 2014 Sodagreen AIR World Tour Singapore  Do you miss Sodagreen after their awesome concert performance in Malaysia few months back?! Today I would like to share  "2014年苏打绿10周年空气中的视听与幻觉世界巡回演唱会- 新加坡站  2014 Sodagreen AIR World Tour Singapore ".   Ticket launch will be on Sunday, 25th May 2014 at 9am online ( ) and 12pm via SIS Box Office and Ticketing Hotline 6333 5000. I've been to Singapore Indoor Stadium once and it is a great place for Sodagreen's 10th Anniversary Concert! So Soda fans, do not miss out this chance to see them perform at Singapore this 30 August!! I do hope that I can photography Sodagreen concert again this year IN SINGAPORE!! *wish me luck would ya?? =) * Here's the seating plan:

35张照片叙述 "苏打绿 Sodagreen 当我们一起走过 - 吉隆坡站"

35张照片叙述 "苏打绿当我们一起走过 - 吉隆坡站" 我相信有苏打迷想知道 苏打绿 在吉隆坡站到底发生了什么有趣的故事。所以在此为大家用35张照片来讲述当晚的巡回演唱会。确实,马来西亚这一场卖得不是怎么样,可是当晚的观众群还真的很活泼又可爱,苏打绿也很卖力的演出。也因为大家的合作,青峰才会因此而感动落泪。 [照片]蘇打綠当我们一起走过 - 吉隆坡站 Sodagreen Walk Together Live in KL 2014 

当我们一起走过 - 苏打绿吉隆坡站 Walk Together - Sodagreen Live in Kuala Lumpur

苏打绿《当我们一起走过》巡回演唱会 - 吉隆坡站 Sodagreen "Walk Together" Tour Live in Kuala Lumpur 摄于3月1号 @ Putra Indoor Stadium 四年前我只是一位 小歌迷在Sungei Wang支持苏打绿 ,当时对摄影还是一窍不通,用那傻瓜相机记录画面。。。可是昨天,昨天真的算是达成小弟的小小心愿。以前曾想过 “以后我要为我喜欢的音乐人捕抓那可贵的一面” 。没想到四年后真的实现了!!

[GIVEAWAY] 苏打绿《当我们一起走过》巡回演唱会 - 吉隆坡站 Sodagreen "Walk Together" Tour Live in Kuala Lumpur (只有一天)

Sodagreen "Walk Together" Tour Live in Kuala Lumpur 苏打绿《当我们一起走过》巡回演唱会 - 吉隆坡站 Sodagreen Walk Together Tour – Kuala Lumpur 苏打绿《当我们一起走过》巡回演唱会 - 吉隆坡站 Date: 1st March 2014 Time: 7.30pm Venue: Putra Indoor Stadium Ticket Prices: RM420, RM380, RM320, RM270, RM200* (*yet to include TicketCharge processing fee) TicketCharge Ticketing Hotline: (03) 9222 8811 or Courtesy of  AMC Group , T is giving out TWO PAIRS of Cat A tickets to Sodagreen's first ever 6 members concert in Malaysia just to all my readers especially vivid fans of Sodagreen!!

[CLOSED] Sodagreen "Walk Together" Tour Live in Kuala Lumpur 苏打绿《当我们一起走过》巡回演唱会 - 吉隆坡站

[UPDATE for a super sad news @ 17 Apr 2013] Sodagreen Walk Together Tour – Kuala Lumpur: Postponed to early 2014 Members of the public holding existing tickets for 4 May concert can use same ticket to enter venue early 2014 or choose to seek a full refund of their purchase through TicketCharge. Therefore, unfortunately on the same time... this giveaway contest need to be canceled due to the same reason...sigh... I feel very sad but I bet ALL Sodagreen fans feel more disappointed than me... sigh... Hopefully you, who is 21 years old and above go back to your hometown to cast your vote for this special General Election. I planned to go back Melaka after Sodagreen concert night but seems like now can save my travel time already. Just wanna say thank you to all of you who joined this giveaway and hopefully early next year I can revive back this giveaway! Thanks to all your contest entries and I will see what other giveaway I can put up soon! Stay positive people!! At least we know