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How To Capture Low Light Photos using Smartphone🤳🌉✨ #withGalaxy

How to capture low light photos using smart phone🤳🌉✨ Taking street photos like this is a way for me to self-healing and taking care of my mental health. Not only I feel relaxed, getting the encouragement from passerby who saw me waving the Malaysia flag makes me feel encouraged too. I’m glad that I was able to help some family take nice low light photo in some of these arts & light exhibition. This camera tricks video will improve your night photography tremendously. So please remember to add this video to favourite so you won’t miss it as the video is longer than usual👇 SAVE and FOLLOW us for the lowlight photography including videography tips that I shared in this video🤳 Here's what you can do at Melaka's new hidden gem - Malaysia Heritage Studios 💎 The Golden Paddy Field and rainbow lanterns hanging in the air are gorgeous. The ticket price to go into this previously called Mini Malaysia is around RM50. Other than these light room, there are other attractions too, d