What to do if you got COVID19? 萬一不幸染上新冠病毒 應該如何自處?

What to do if you got COVID19? 萬一不幸染上新冠病毒 應該如何自處?
What to do if you got COVID19? 萬一不幸染上新冠病毒 應該如何自處?

Covid19 case has recently increased drastically again recently and I believe I need to share some info that you might find it helpful. The sudden increase in COVID19 cases are because of increasing asymptomatic patients that didn't know they caught the COVID19 virus and infected many others before they have mild or no symptom at all. Which is why the pandemic is currently wide-spread  and the mutated COVID strains made it harder for us all to combat when the vaccine doesn't give 100% protection to the residents. 

So if you recently had a close contact with COVID19 patience or always hanging out with your parents staying at different place, please treat yourself as a possible-Covid patient and quarantine yourself (at least try not going out). Be aware of the risk of unforeseen Covid infection ya. Even when you get infected, the RAPID test might show you false-Negative result because the virus has not multiply enough to make it show positive for the first few days. That's why it is actually more dangerous.

Malaysia total ICU beds allocated for COVID-19 patients has already been occupied for more than 80%. Once it reached maximum capacity the number of death will also increase drastically
Malaysia total ICU beds allocated for COVID-19 patients has already been occupied for more than 80%. Once it reached maximum capacity the number of death will also increase drastically

Seir Model of Covid-19 daily observed and forecast cases 1 January - 7 June 2021 Malaysia Once the R value reached 1.2, it is gonna be so much harder to contain the pandemic infection
Seir Model of Covid-19 daily observed and forecast cases
1 January - 7 June 2021 Malaysia
Once the R value reached 1.2, it is gonna be so much harder to contain the pandemic infection

So what if you really bad luck and kena/infected with COVID19 already?? Below are some tips that I saw from WhatsApp and I believe you will find it helpful. It is only for reference ya, please continue read more info about the COVID-19 related articles including Malaysia vaccination for this.


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Everyone is telling you how to NOT catch #coronavirus, but NO ONE is saying what to do if you get it.

Thanks to this nurse in the UK for putting this guide together: 

Finally, some sensible advice.  From a GP Nurse in the UK. 

What I have seen a lot of are recommendations for how to try to avoid getting coronavirus in the first place: 

• good hand washing  勤洗手
• personal hygiene  個人衛生
• social distancing  社交距離

but what I have NOT seen a lot of is advice for what happens if you actually get it, which many of us will.

So as your friendly neighborhood Nurse let me make some suggestions:

If you get Covid-19 

You basically just want to prepare as though you know you’re going to get a nasty respiratory bug, like bronchitis or pneumonia. You just have the foresight to know it might come your way!

Things to start doing now: 

1.    Get 20 minutes sun on your entire body (or as much as possible) every day. This will dramatically increase your Vitamin D levels, which improves your immune system.
每天花  20  分鐘曬太陽(或盡可能多曬曬身體各個部位)。這將會大大提高體内維他命  D  的含量, 藉以增強免疫系統。

2.    If affordable take a good general supplement, plus 2000mg Vit C a day. Include ZINC, SELENIUM & GLUTATHIONE.
如果負擔得起,要多吃營養均衡的食物,外加每天攝取2000mg  維他命C,再配合鋅、硒和谷胱甘肽(註:一種強效的抗氧化劑)。

3.    Scott’s Emulsion is a great general tonic (cod liver oi)

Things you should actually buy ahead of time:  

4.    Kleenex

撲熱息痛藥片(德國市面稱為Paracetamol 500)

5.    Cough medicine of choice (check the label and make sure you're not doubling up on Paracetamol)  

Zinc lozenges 

6.    Throat spray like Andolex or TCP 
喉嚨噴劑,如Andolex或TCP( Trichlorophenylmethyliodosalicyl)

7.    Honey and lemon can work just as well! 

8.    Vicks vaporub for your chest is also a great suggestion. Vicks vaporub

9.    A humidifier would be a good thing to buy and use in your room when you go to bed overnight. (You can also just turn the shower on hot and sit in the bathroom breathing in the steam)
夜裡睡覺時,在房間裡使用加濕器,是一個不錯的法子。 (也可以打開淋浴的蓮蓬頭,然後坐在浴室裡呼吸熱蒸汽)

10.    If you have a history of asthma and you have a prescription inhaler, make sure the one you have isn’t expired and refill it/get a new one if necessary. 

11.    Meals This is also a good time to meal prep: make a big batch of your favorite soup to freeze and have on hand.
餐點部份 這也是準備餐點的好時機:將一大鍋你喜歡的湯冷凍起來備用。

12.    Hydrate  Hydrate, hydrate! Stock up on whatever your favorite clear fluids are to drink, though tap water is fine you may appreciate some variety!
水份 水份,水份!多準備一些你喜歡的清澈食用水,儘管自來水也可以,但多樣化的食用水或許是個不錯的主意!

13.    For symptom management and a fever over 38°c take Paracetamol rather than Ibuprofen.
如有病徵同時發燒超過  38°c,那就服用撲熱息痛藥片(Paracetamol),而不是布洛芬(Ibuprofen)。

14.    Rest lots You should not be leaving your house! Even if you are feeling better you may will still be infectious for fourteen days and older people and those with existing health conditions should be avoided!
多休息  不應外出!即使病情好轉,14  天內仍具有傳染性;也要避免與老人家和健康狀況欠佳的人接觸!

15.    Wear gloves and a mask to avoid contaminating others in your house.

16.    Isolate in your bedroom if not living alone, ask friends and family to leave supplies outside to avoid contact.

17.    Sanitize your bed linen and clothes frequently by washing and clean your bathroom with recommended sanitizers.

18.    You DO NOT NEED TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL unless you are having trouble breathing or your fever is very high (over 39°C) and unmanaged with meds.
除非呼吸困難或發高燒(超過  39°C)並且沒有其他醫療藥物,否則,不要去醫院!

19.    90% of healthy adult cases thus far have been managed at home with basic rest/hydration/over-the-counter meds.
迄今為止,已有  90%的成人病例成功地在家中接受基本的療養/補充水份/非處方藥物治療。

20.    If you are worried or in distress or feel your symptoms are getting worse:

21.    Pre-existing risks   If you have a pre-existing lung condition (COPD, emphysema, lung cancer) or are on immunosuppressants, now is a great time to talk to your Doctor or specialist about what they would like you to do if you get sick.
預存風險   如果已經患有肺部疾病(慢性阻塞性肺病,肺氣腫,肺癌)或正在接受免疫抑製劑的治療,現在正是與家庭醫生或專科醫生討論的絕佳時機,要預先了解染病時的可能治療方案。

22.    Children One major relief to you parents is that kids do VERY well with coronavirus, they usually bounce back in a few days (but they will still be infectious). Just use pediatric dosing.

23.    Be calm and prepare rationally and everything will be fine. This is to inform us all that the pH for corona virus varies from 5.5 to 8.5.
保持鎮靜,合理應對,一切都會好轉。要告訴所有人,新冠病毒的pH值在  5.5  到  8.5  之間。

24.    All we need to do, to beat corona virus, we need to take more of an alkaline foods that are above the above pH level of the Virus.

Some of which are: 

Lime萊姆 -    8.2pH
Tangerine柑橘 -    8.5pH
Mango芒果 -   8.7pH 
Orange 柳橙 -    9.2pH
Lemon檸檬 -    9.9pH
Pineapple 鳳梨 -  12.7pH
Garlic 蒜頭 -  13.2pH
Avocado 牛油果 -  15.6pH
Dandelion 蒲公英 -  22.7pH

How do you know you have coronavirus? 

1. Itching in the throat 
2. Dry throat 
3. Dry couch 
4. High temperature  
5. Shortness of breath 
6. Loss of sense of taste & smell 
7. Covid toes - toes turning blue/black  
有新冠病毒腳趾 - 腳趾變成藍色或黑色

So where you notice these things quickly take warm water with lemon and drink. 

 Do not keep this information to yourself only. Pass it to all your family and friends.
*阿弥陀佛 大慈大悲 功德无量* 🙏                                                 

*Sincerely Wish My Lovely Friend & Family Safe, Healthy & Disaster Free From Covid-19* 😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷

The best solution to fight COVID-19 is prevention. Reduce the risk by preparing own meal and go out lesser will definitely able to stop the chain. Knowing that we just finished Hari Raya celebration for the first few days, the next two weeks are the key to whether we Malaysia can avoid the severe COVID-19 infection like India and other countries. Talking about the vaccines, please take the jab so we can stop the chain too.

Please do stay safe and think again, do you want to sleep at your own comfortable bed?  Or the hospital floor because they ran out of ICU bed to keep you breathing?

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