How to Easily Capture Moon Photo with Phone | Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

How to Easily Capture Moon Photo with Phone | Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

This is how easy it is to capture moon photo using phone year 2021. You may now easily capture super moon with phone. Starting from Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, Note 20 Ultra and now Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Capturing beautiful moon photos is getting easier and easier as the technology and camera lens on your phone improve. All you need to do is watch the video below for detailed tips when you shoot moon photos. And you can get nice full moon photos to share every 15 days haha

Tap in and watch this video below for a few useful photography tips now. It's free!

How to Easily Capture Moon Photo with Phone | Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

想说那晚半夜月亮特别圆 而且还有夜鸟陪伴 所以试试看现在三星最新的手机能多快telezoom月亮 把它给摘下来 送给你的女朋友/男朋友/好朋友 #手机摄影 #满月 #手机拍月亮

PS: 裡里头有分享拍摄月亮的摄影诀窍哦

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Once you've master how to shoot moon photos with your phone, you can use the same theory learned from above video to shoot sunset AND sunrise too! I've collected many beautiful sunset photo right from my house because of this super camera phone.

Hope you find the video helpful and feel free to check out my YouTube Channel for other photography tips video. Let's be a better photographer starting today!!


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