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What's The Best Camera To Use in 2020?

What's The Best Camera To Use in 2020? "The best camera, is the one that's with you" To some, photography is just a click of a button but to me, it's about capturing moments that won't be the same again after the 2nd visit. Capturing moments that will be engraved with you for the rest of your life. 🤳 So how do I celebrate these moments? With my #GalaxyNote20 of course! My photos taken with the 108MP camera has never looked so crisp and detailed. The size and vibrancy of the 6.9" AMOLED  screen makes it way easier for me to edit on the go. Capture that moment, but be sure to capture with the best! #withGalaxy #GalaxyWatch3 #GalaxyBudsLive @samsungmalaysia @samsungmobile #TeamGalaxy


鬼仔巷 KWAI CHAI HONG 2020 MID AUTUMN DECORATION - JADE RABBITS 🐇 | INSTAWORTHY PLACE IN KL WITH 8 MALAYSIAN ARTWORKS 【网红打卡新地点🤳】 #鬼仔巷 #中秋特备玉兔 🐇 特备 要去的可以准备灯笼一下 🏮 #视频在page找 #网红拍摄角度贴士 因为更容易看懂~ #KwaiChaiHong Kwai Chai Hong Mid Autumn Festival EIGHT (8) JADE RABBITS ART EXHIBITION - KL INSTAWORTHY PLACE 📍展出日期:9月18日至10月4日 ⏰开放时间:9am-12am 📍地点:茨厂街鬼仔巷 This Mid Autumn, Kwai Chai Hong 鬼仔巷 is collaborating with 8 talented local artists to share their interpretation of the legendary and mythical Jade Rabbit. Each with their unique design and a personal story, Kwai Chai Hong will come alive at night from the 18th Sept - 4th Oct. Celebrate this mid-autumn at #kwaichaihong - 18th Sept - 4th Oct! *Tips 1: #HugeWhiteRabbit will only appear after 7pm, so please take note on that🐇 *Tips 2: If you are going over for lunch or dinner during this period, do pre-book your table in advance. For KWC restaurant listing and booking contact details, visit - Featu

【GIVEAWAY】Nikon Z5 Unboxing & First Impression Review with Sample Photos & Test Shoot @ Kuala Lumpur

【GIVEAWAY】Nikon Z5 Unboxing & First Impression + Test Shoot Review @ Kuala Lumpur It's been two months since my last post, transitioning from blogpost and focusing on visual content creation on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok has been occupying most of my time so I somehow neglected my blog. But because recently got IG friends PM me saying that my blog post helped them. It made me want to do a quick write up at here today.  If you are new to, welcome! If you've been silent supporter for this space of mine, thank you thank you very much! Hopefully you like my new blog layout that I and still trying to fix some glitch here and there (please let me know if you noticed any broken link okie??) Really appreciate your support!! Okie, back to the topic.Today post is to share my recent unboxing video of Nikon Z5 the entry level full-frame camera, AND also higher resolution of test-shots taken using Nikon Z5 with the 24-50mm kit lens so you know what you can get if you buy th