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Top 5 Ways To Power Up Your Immune System

Top 5 Ways To Power Up Your Immune System Photo by  Emma Simpson  on  Unsplash A person’s vital life force, known as Qi (pronounced “chi”), is the flow of energy that sustains all life forms, both internally in the body and externally in a person’s environment. There is a need to maintain harmony with one's environment, because if the immune system is weak, and this harmony is upset, illnesses may arise. Here’s how you can strengthen your immune system naturally, and protect yourself from common illnesses such as the cold, coughs and sore throats.

19th Le French Festival 2020 Line-up | 19 March – 26 April #lefrenchfestivalmy #LFFKL2020

The 19th edition of Le French Festival announced its line-up for 2020: Performances and events to be savoured directly from France! (L-R) Ms. Julie Loffi , Coordinator of Le French Festival; Ms. Shirley Low , Chief Marketing Officer of Golden Screen Cinemas; H. E. Frederic Laplanche ,  Ambassador of France to Malaysia; Mr Roger Kasparian , a renowned mid-sixties French photographer whose artwork will be featured in an exhibition with LFF 2020 and Mr. Jacques Bounin , Director of Alliance Francaise photographed together at the press conference of Le French Festival 2020. The French Festival is back again, as Malaysia’s highly-anticipated and largest annual French event returns with its 19th edition of Le French Festival (LFF) ! From 19 March – 26 April , LFF is set to bring Malaysians on a journey of delight in all things French including French cinema screenings, art exhibitions, music and theatre performances, gastronomy and more . Since its inception in 2001, LFF ha