[REVIEW] Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm Black. Should You Get it?

A special day to look good on buddy's wedding with Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm Black
A special day to look good on buddy's wedding with Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm Black 

Every man should have at least one good watch, and I am on the search for it.  Right before I went Bhutan for a spiritual trip, I've got this Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm Black to fly with me and to test it out at the same time. Above photos was taken at my friend's beautiful wedding so I thought of, "Beautiful location, already dressed up, why not get a good portrait?" Thanks Calvin Alexi for this photo taken at Glasshouse Seputeh.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm Black on wrist
Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm Black on wrist
There wasn't much photos taken when I testing out this watch because most of the time the watch is being covered by the jacket when I was in Bhutan. (Weather was cold) Hence I will share my brief review and opinion about this Samsung Smart Watch.

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As a current user of Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro, I already get use to the health monitor system and that's the most helpful feature that I always like. But when talking about the outlook, Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm Black actually looks much more versatile as it can looks like a classy/sporty wrist watch depends on the Watch Face that you use. (Gear Fit 2 Pro can only looks sporty with its longer shape, Galaxy Watch looks much more elegant and classy)

REVIEW Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm Black

The Turnable Bezel for you to check notification , choose apps, or even skip songs, is actually quite addictive to play with it. Sometimes I just turn it around checking for notification.

For a smart watched priced at RM1200, changeable Watch Face is very important and a good reason to have it. You can change the Watch Face anytime you like it and suits with the occasion. Like above photo, I went for a wedding hence choosing that classic watch face for the look I want to deliver. Other days I will just switch it to something more casual and simple.

REVIEW Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm Black

According to the brochure, it mentioned 4 days battery life. Well to be honest, since I am a heavy user who use Bluetooth to sync my social media updates, the battery juice used up faster than I thought. However, if you use your smart watch just to track your heartbeats, and sleeping mode from time to time only, your battery can definitely last longer. Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth to save more battery juice.

Another favourite thing I like is that when it sync to your phone, your watch will vibrate at the time you need to wake up. Followed by the daily weather brief from your phone, suits me who love modern living. 

Tiger's Nest, Bhutan 2018
Tiger's Nest, Bhutan 2018

During my trip in Bhutan, I use it a lot to track the altitude. Yes Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm Black has both built-in altimeter and barometer. We were at high altitudes hence it was pretty tough to hike all the way up to the top of Bhutan's Tiger's Nest, but I am glad we did. Through the tracking I got the record of climbing 74 floors to reach that amazing place. 

REVIEW Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm Black
Climbed total 74 floors while hiking Bhutan Tiger's Nest

Nowadays water resistance for a watch is a must. Not only that, Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm Black has military standard durability  (US Military Standard Compliant (MIL-STD-810G)) However, it is still not suitable for diving or high-pressure water activities.

The other function that worth mention is the Samsung pay on watch in case you forgot to bring your wallet and smartphone nearby. (Usually I use my phone for Samsung Pay).

REVIEW Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm Black

My only complain is the need to charge my watch every few days (plus the charging dock is still using USB port) Thankfully this watch can charge through wireless. Hence if you don't mind a bigger watch, the 46mm Samsung Galaxy Watch can actually save you more time with less charging required (at optimum condition can last for 7 days).  Overall, Samsung Galaxy Watch 2018 is an overall good smart watch to invest in. It's just the matter of your budget, if you care much about your health/sleeping pattern, and if you willing to charge the device once every few days or not. 

More facts: The battery size for Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm is 270mAh while Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm is 472mAh.

The cutest reward after completed our hike to Tiger's Nest, Bhutan. The puppy got Buddha beads on its collar
The cutest reward after completed our hike to Tiger's Nest, Bhutan. The puppy got Buddha beads on its collar

That's all for my review about Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm, let me know if you have any further questions.

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