CRUNCH! Sushivid Influencer Workshop @ The Bee Publika #SushiVidCrunch

CRUNCH! Sushivid Influencer Workshop @ The Bee Publika

CRUNCH! Sushivid Influencer Workshop @ The Bee Publika

"CRUNCH is SushiVid's first Influencer workshop to gather young creators and let them have a first taste of getting sponsorships by Brands. SushiVid invited representative from Lazada to come and speak about influencer marketing and their efforts in working with young creators. On that day itself, they also have YouTubers Vikarworld, Adam Shamil and Taneshh to share their journey as content creators and inspire budding YouTubers to make their dreams come true. This Sushivid's first Influencer Workshop was to inspire more people to create content with this event and grow the local influencer space."

CRUNCH - Content Creators, let's have Brunch!!
Why is it called CRUNCH?
"CRUNCH because we're getting a room full of content creators to come together and have brunch"

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Okie, it's been a while since I blog about event so here's one!! On 29th April, it was a beautiful weekend where I was planning to do vlog instead of blog to suit the theme of the event. However, I am still not used to talk to the camera when I am attending an event with people around. In the end I've decided to use photos to tell story lah. 

My objective of attending this event is to catch up with friends and to make new friends too. After all, when was the last blogging community event that I've attend to? Hahaha!  Another reason was to hear the sharing from budding YouTubers like Vikarworld, Adam Shamil and Taneshh to share their personal experience.

There were bunch of activities going on too. You can do all kinds of social posting during the event to win JBL Grip 100 earphones, BLU Smartphone, Havaianas Slippers and many more. Hence you can see people busy taking photos and stick their face to the phone trying to upload within the time frame *I was one of them to get the JBL earphones LOL*

There was also TAGBooth Photobooth for you to take photo and it can immediately email you a GIF video and photo soft-copies.

Present at the workshop, MDEC’s VP of Creative Content and Technologies Hasnul Hadi Samsudin , SushiVid chief executive office Foong Yuh Wen,  Foetus International group executive chairman Tan Sri Vincent Lee.

Honestly, it was a challenging time to photograph people on the stage as there was a huge contrast between bright shirt and dark background. I was either overexpose a person or underexpose the background. So guys, if you are doing event at The Bee Publika, please kindly advice the lighting guy to use suitable lighting to illuminate the people on stage. Not the 1000W Spotlight that create all those harsh shadow on certain people faces hahaha.

My motto - "Capture Precious Moments"

This photo reminds me something different form previous event that I've attended. Not only bloggers and YouTubers were there for the event. Even mommy influencers were there too. My first time seeing kids running around and doing their own thing regardless of what's happening around. I personally feel it create some chaos lah hahaha. (maybe I was just too anxious)

Oh ya, there was a mom blogger who recognized me saying that she saw me somewhere from a video. Yeap, she saw the OldTown White Coffee CNY video that was posted on FB few months back. Little did I notice that I was wearing the same shirt to the event *fulamak* Anyway, thanks for noticing me hahaha!

PS: Let me know what's your blog link if you are reading this so I can tag you here.

It was an event with brunch, and I believe the mini burger and the desserts were the tastiest food you can have. As usual, I didn't eat much as I was holding my camera. Unless there was enough time, table or seats for us to enjoy the food.

Lazada Malaysia was there to share more bout Affiliate Marketing. Roberto Mata, Head of Online Marketing, Lazada together with SushiVid chief executive office Foong Yuh Wen. I am learning more bout Affiliate Marketing too, and personally think that all the coupon/voucher website are affecting my conversion rate hahaha. So if you want to earn from Affiliate marketing, be good in keeping your readers or start a coupon website instead.


YouTubers Vikarworld, Adam Shamil and Taneshh sharing their YouTube journey on stage. I've check out their channel and gotta say they are all good at presenting themselves in front of the camera. At least no phobia in holding camera among the crowd and talking to ownself. Each of them has their own unique way of sharing content so yeap 'Content is king'. 

I've also learn that YouTuber earn more money by working with brands instead of hoping to get big money through Google Adsense. That's true guys. So if you want to build your YouTube, put priority in creating great content. Once you created a content that eventually got viral, eventually all the brands /opportunities will come later.

Posted up this picture because Joey seems very happy in here *sorry for the three gentleman*

Some lucky draw giveaway for participants who posted related photo with #SushiVidCrunch hashtag. Congratz to all =)

It was Joelle's last day working in SushiVid hence she got a huge bouquet of flowers on stage and thankfully it was found useful to block her crying face hahaha. I've met some of the other SushiVid members the other day and gotta say they are all awesome especially Joelle. Now Joelle got more time to create content on her YouTube channel liao, go check out her YouTube Channel!

Okay that's the end of the event. I personally find the YouTuber sharing session was a bit too short as they were running out of time. A bit pity lah... BUT it was great to meet you friends and catch up with some long-time-no-see faces in the event. Here's some #TCSelfie taken using my Samsung S7 Edge that makes everyone look so flawless and pretty. Yeah 'pretty' is the right word hahhaha!

And below are some official event photos taken by JeremyChoy:

When you had a big breakfast and forgot to suck in your tummy when taking a portrait

Got caught playing with friend's fluffy-toy *ahem it is a RODE Mic ya*

Happy moment =)
Thanks Jeremy for the photos and so in return, here's a picture of Jeremy in action. Hopefully one day we can collaborate for an awesome project =)

Also, photo/video from TAGBOOTH:

In conclusion, it was a great event to know more influencers and brands in one place. Not sure if it was because I seldom attend event like this (since age), I didn't really talk with strangers and I am sorry if I look proud kay? I was just suddenly become introvert again hahaha!

CRUNCH! Sushivid Influencer Workshop @ The Bee Publika #SushiVidCrunch
SushiVid Team (Photo by Jeremy Choy)

Let's hope the next Sushivid's CRUNCH Inflencer Workshop is gonna be more awesome with more inspiring YouTubers on board =) I shall practice more before I start create vlog for event. Till then, remember to check out/subscribe to my YouTube channel! Just type "tianchad" and anything related will appear hahaha. Kthxbye~

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