CNY Decoration Here Is So Beautiful That You Should Take Your Family Photo Here

CNY Decoration Here Is So Beautiful That You Should Take Family Photo Here

CNY Decoration Here Is So Beautiful That You Should Take Your Family Photo Here

'Dong dong qiang~ dong dong qiang~' It is Chinese New Year season again!! This year I've checked out a few shopping malls for their CNY decoration and I am kinda impressed and in love with the one in The Gardens Shopping Mall. 

So today I'm gonna share with you some photos that I took over there during my visit. I personally think that it is suitable for you guys to take this opportunity to reunite with your friends and family, and of course to take a group photo with these beautiful backdrops.

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The CNY decoration in The Gardens Mall is categorized in different color theme: Red, Yellow, Blue and mixture of CNY colors. I personally love the blue color theme but I would love to hear from you guys what's your favourite theme.

I love this very corner of the CNY decoration as it has a combination of beautiful Chinese teapot set, nyonya kuih box, antique look vase with flowers, plants growing around it and with petite birds on it. The overall presentation was just lovely!! Gotta say good job to the people who did these =)

They even prepared chairs for you to sit and to take some group photos. Since I was there alone, my instinct as a photographer was ignited and I will automatically help others to take a group photo. Bumped into a lovely couple, and two group of friends who love these CNY decoration too.

The couple I met who were busy taking photo of the CNY decoration too. They were kind enough to let me finish taking photos of the CNY deco before they took the chance to take their own photos haha

Then I met this group of lovely ladies who seems like just finished a reunion lunch session. They looks really close and it was an honour to help them take some photos. What a good memory to treasure.

Met two tourists who are good friends and travelling from Indonesia. With the beautiful backdrop that they are standing at, of course I offered my time to help them take a group photo too. This location is suitable for a huge group photo session. I believe it can easily fit twenty person in it.

Since I went to the grocery store I had some OLDTOWN White Coffee Gift Packs with me. It was just an instant idea that maybe my coffees will look good with all these CNY backdrop haha. So I started shooting my coffees with the Chinese New Year deco available. I always like to experiment with something new and just start shooting more photos, and this is actually my secret on how I improve my photography skill.

I started with the Yellow Themed corner as all three OLDTOWN White Coffee Gift Packs are in golden packaging. The overall photos look united with yellow color, which makes it comfortable to look at.

There are actually special design festive greeting messages printed on the OLDTOWN White Coffee packaging:

  • 吉祥如意(Auspicious and Prosperity)
  • 团圆共聚(Reunion and Togetherness)
  • 幸福满溢(Happiness and Prosperity)

If you haven't notice, the Golden Rooster on each packaging is different too. With the good CNY greeting message printed on it. They are actually considered good CNY gift too. It will be very boring if you always buy mushroom, canned abalone and many more traditional stuff as CNY gift right? So why not buy the OLDTOWN White Coffee CNY Gift Pack to give to your friends and family? Especially those who love to drink coffee (including myself)

Here's a close up look for  OldTown White Coffee CNY Gift Pack. Try something new by giving these beautifully packed coffee to your friends and family yo. I can see it fits well in a hamper basket too, just like the OLDTOWN Chinese New Year video below:

If you haven't know, I have actually acted in OLDTOWN Chinese New Year video together with KampungboyCitygal. In the story, I have a 'wife' name Amanda and 'mom' who is actually a very good actress named Pearly Chua. It was a fun experience for me to cast in this Chinese Season video. I don't usually speak Cantonese so you can imagine how difficult it is for me to speak it right and fluently. Well, just watch the video above and let me know if I did well haha.

One thing that I am happy with it is that I could be myself, taking photos of my 'wife' while she preparing the CNY Hamper the way her 'mom' taught her to.

CNY is just around the corner and I hope you guys have already start preparing for this festive season ya! Go to the shopping mall and buy your CNY gifts as soon as possible because we typical Malaysian always like to do it last minute. Or else you might stuck in a traffic jam hahaha

Last but not least, Happy Chinese New Year to you all and I wish you 'Heng ar, Ong ar, Huat ar!!'. The three OLDTOWN CNY Gift Pack 'ngam-ngam' can represent the three good wishes. So what are you waiting for? Go buy now! ;p

For more info about OLDTOWN White Coffee Limited Edition CNY Gift Pack, do feel free to check out their official FB Page.

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